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Governance & Management Structure

Organisational Structure

The Religious Sisters of Charity

St. Vincent's University Hospital, is owned by the Religious Sisters of Charity.

Board of Directors

The affairs of the hospital are managed by a Board of Directors, which is responsible to the Shareholders of the company which are the Sisters of Charity. The Board, as part of its responsibility develops the hospital and its services in accordance with the principles and ethics of the Congregation of the Religious Sisters of Charity. The Board consists of the following members:


Mr. James Menton (Chairman)

  • Sister Mary Benton
  • Dr. David Brophy
  • Mr. John Compton
  • Mr. Gerard Flood
  • Professor Michael Keane
  • Mr. Myles Lee
  • Ms. Sharen McCabe
  • Professor Patrick Murray
  • Mr. Frank O'Riordan
  • Sister Agnes Reynolds
  • Mr. Willie Shannon


  • Unless otherwise determined by an ordinary resolution of the Company the number of directors shall not be less than two or more than thirteen. The first directors of the Company shall be deemed to have been appointed pursuant to section 3(5) of the Companies (Amendment) Act, 1982.

Powers of the Board

The Board has power to govern, control, manage and regulate the affairs of the hospital subject to such directions, if any, that may be given from time to time by the Provincial Superior. The Board appoints a full time Chief Executive Officer responsible to the Board whose conditions of employment, jurisdiction and obligations are determined by the Board subject to approval of the Provincial Superior. The Board has additional powers to appoint administrative officers and staff as are considered necessary, to appoint an auditor to the hospital and to approve appointments of the consultant medical staff.

The Board meets at intervals of not more than two months. Questions arising at any meetings of the Board are decided by a majority of votes. All matters discussed or considered by the Board are confidential and will not be disclosed to any other party without the approval of the Chairperson. The Board may set up and delegate powers as are appropriate to one or more sub-committees. In addition to meetings of the Board,an Annual General Meeting is also held. Members of the Board do not receive any remuneration in respect of their services as members. Members are however reimbursed for any expenses which they incur either at the direction of the Board or with its approval.

The main objectives for which the Company is established are:

  • To provide medical, surgical, nursing services and accommodation at St. Vincent's healthcare facility (the "Facility") for the treatment of sick persons and for the relief, cure, rehabilitation and prevention of sickness and disability both physical and mental through the continuance and furtherance of the ethos, aims and purposes of the Congregation of the Religious Sisters of Charity.
  • To conduct and maintain the Facility in accordance with the Health Care Philosophy and Ethical Code of the Religious Sisters of Charity.
  • To Provide a pastoral care service for the spiritual welfare and support of patients, relatives and staff.
  • To promote opportunities for education and research.

The Executive Council

There is an Executive Council directly responsible to the Board. The function of the Executive Council is to regulate and keep under constant review the day to day administration of the hospital within the terms laid down by the Board and the budgetary constraints placed on it by the financial allocations of the Eastern Regional Health Authority. The members of the Executive Council are as follows:

  • Group Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Director of Nursing
  • Financial Controller
  • Four members of the Consultant Staff, two of whom are respectively the Chairperson and Secretary of the Medical Board and the third drawn from areas other than those already represented. These members shall hold office for a period of three years.

The Executive Council meets as often as it sees fit, but not less frequently than once in every two weeks.

The Medical Board

The Medical Board comprises all Consultants of the Hospital, following their year of probation. The Medical Board elects a Chairperson, and an Honorary Secretary from amongst its members to hold office for three years and these may be re-elected to hold office for a further three years. The Medical Board establishes its own Executive Committee responsible to the Medical Board, consisting of not more than eleven of its members of which the Chairperson and the Honorary Secretary of the Medical Board are exoficio members and respectively Chairperson and Honorary Secretary of this Committee.

The Medical Board considers and makes recommendations to the Board of Management upon the following matters, namely:

  • Medical Education
  • Medical Policy and Development
  • Medical Staffing and Appointments
  • Interns, House Officers and Registrars
  • Medical Students
  • Other matters as may be determined by the Board of Directors.

The Medical Board meets at least six times in each calendar year. To qualify for election to the Executive Committee, a candidate must have been a member of the Consultant Staff of the Hospital for at least three years prior to his/her election. All the members of the Executive Committee hold office for three years and are not eligible for re-election or reappointment until after the expiration of one year from the termination of his/her term of office. The Executive Committee meets at least every two weeks.

Other Hospital Committees

Other Committees which report to the Board of Directors are the:

  • Mission Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Audit Committee

Examples of other committees which meet at St. Vincent's University Hospital are:

  • Risk Management Committee
  • Ethics and Medical Research Committee
  • Health and Safey Committee
  • Nursing Practice Development Steering Committee
  • Bed Management Committee
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Committee
  • Hospital Transfusion Committee
  • Cancer Care Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Radiation Safety Committee
  • Project Development Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Post Graduate Education Committee
  • Pathology Accreditation Committee