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Breast Cancer Group

Executive Summary

The main focus of the work carried out by the Breast Cancer Research Group at the Education and Research Centre, St Vincent's University Hospital , is to develop new biomarkers for patients with breast. These biomarkers may then be used to:

  • Help with the early diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Determine prognosis, i.e., differentiate between aggressive and indolent tumors. Patients with aggressive or "bad" tumors may then be treated with chemotherapy after surgery while those with indolent tumors may be able to avoid the side effects of chemotherapy
  • Select the most appropriate therapy for an individual patient, i.e., whether it should be hormonal, chemotherapy or biological (e.g., Herceptin)
  • Monitor response to chemotherapy. For example, by measuring markers in blood, it may be possible to tell whether or not chemotherapy is effective in eradicating the cancer.