Principal Investigator name of study source of grant Amount Start End
Dr Adrian Murphy Seamus Dargan Newman Fellowship in Colorectal Cancer   €70,000 2010 2012
Centre for Colorectal Diseas (Prof. R. O'Connell) The effect of sacral neuromodulation on inputs to the somatosensory cortex Science Foundation Ireland €156,000 2011 2015
Dr Aoibhlin O'Toole Abbott Newman Fellowship Mechanisms of Colorectal Tumours of different stages use to evade the immune response      
Dr Elizabeth Ryan St Vincent's Private Hospital Newman Fellowship in Colorectal Cancer Immune Regulation in Bowel diseases €90,000 2010 2013
Prof. Ronan O'Connell/Prof. Des Winter Colonisation by sulphate reducing bacteria subspecies in norma and inflamed human colon Science Foundation Ireland €647,750 2010 2016
Prof. Ronan O'Connell/Dr J. Jones/ Dr S. Connolly A Pilot study on predicting outcomes of sacral nerve neuromodulation Bowel disease research foundation (ACPGBI) €50,000 2010 2012