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DXA Service, Bone and Joint Unit.

The DXA scanning service is a clinical research-based service providing education, and diagnosis in the management, detection and treatment of osteoporosis.

The ADCC/SARC  DXA service is a  nurse-led, consultant driven service, offering a service to patients to diagnose, treat, and  monitor osteoporosis. There is also a half time physiotherapy service to those recently diagnosed with osteoporosis.  A fracture liaison service commenced in January 2007, this service is currently run by an acting clinical nurse specialist. The aim of the service is to pick up on all low trauma fractures,  diagnose and treat for osteoporosis.





Professor Oliver FitzGerald,



Dr Malachi McKenna,



Susan van der Kamp

Clinical Nurse Specialist Osteoporosis


Bincy Varghese

Acting Clinical Nurse Specialist


Gene Browner

DXA Nurse.


Hours of Service

08.00 to 16.30


The ground floor adjacent to the porter’s desk. DXA reception  is at radiology reception on the ground floor.
Main Contact Details: (01)2214138

Contact Details




Ms Susan Van der Kamp

Clinical Nurse Specialist   

DXAUnit 3148 405  

Ms Bincy Varghese 

Acting Nurse Specialist   

DXA Unit 3147 475  

Ms Gene Browner 

DXA Nurse 

DXA Unit 4780