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Recall Assessment

Why have I been recalled to an assessment clinic?

You have been invited to attend the radiology department for further investigations. This does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong.

Following your first x-ray, further tests are necessary. Approximately 1 in 20 women who have a mammogram are called back for further tests. The vast majority of women are given normal results following the tests.

How long will the visit take?

It is advisable to set aside the entire morning or afternoon, depending on the time of your appointment, as your visit may take considerably longer than the original mammogram. If you would like to bring someone with you, please do.

What happens at the assessment clinic?

When you arrive, check in at the reception desk where one of our staff will greet you. At the clinic a number of examinations may be carried out – but you may not require all of them. The examinations will be explained to you and please feel free to ask questions.

They are:

  1. ADDITIONAL X-RAYS: to take different views of the breast .
  2. ULTRASOUND: A painless procedure, which shows a picture of the breast tissue.
  3. NEEDLE TEST: A tissue sample may be taken for further analysis. This will be explained fully at your visit.
  4. CLINICAL EXAMINATION: A doctor carries out an examination of your breast.

 How will I know the results?

In most cases the doctor will be able to tell you the result of the test before you leave the clinic. However, some women who have a needle test will need to attend a separate clinic for results.

What if I cannot keep the appointment time?

If you are unable to attend on the day telephone the radiology department (01) 2214992, at least 2-3 days in advance. This will ensure that the appointment will be filled by another patient. 

If you have any questions or problems regarding this examination please contact us.

Radiology Department,

St Vincent’s University Hospital.

Tel: 01 221 4992

Fax: 01 2213395