Outreach Ministry

Healthcare Chaplains offer a sense of Gods attentiveness and compassion in the midst of human pain and suffering. 

Our outreach ministry or response to referrals may include, but is not limited to the delivery of pastoral care through the following:
Initial and follow up pastoral visits

  • Distribution of Holy Communion (Provisions are made for Celiac patients)
  • Administration of the Sacrament of the Sick
  • Distribution of Holy Viaticum
  • Administration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Pastoral Visits and Prayer before Surgical Procedures
  • Prayers of Commendation/Blessing at the time of death
  • Comfort and Care for Bereaved Families
  • Pastoral counselling
  • Contacting Minister from Patient Faith Group when requested
  • Facilitation of Spiritual Life Review/Integration
  • Leading services in the Mortuary Chapel
  • Provision of Spiritual Rituals e.g. Ash Wednesday, Blessing of the Throats, Blessing of the Hands etc.
  • Chaplains are Integral members of the Palliative Care service and  participate in Interdisciplinary Meetings as appropriate
  • Presiding at Masses/ Other liturgies and Ecumenical Services.

During the month of November Masses are ffered for patients who died in the hospital during the past twelve months. Invitations are sent to the families of deceased patients inviting them to participate in these ceremonies. We work alongside the Nursing staff and the Medical Social-Work Department in organising these events. A Remembrance Mass is held in September for members of staff who died and for staff members who were bereaved during the past twelve months.

In addition to the ongoing and regular services offered in the Hospital Chapel we provide for other appropriate liturgical celebrations at different times of the year to cater for the needs of our patients and staff. These include liturgies for Christmas, Easter, The World Day of the Sick and St. Patrick's Day.

When requested we offer support to staff/patients during traumatic events and provide where possible liturgical services e.g Aniversary/ Remembrance Masses/Services. The chaplaincy team is called upon to meet unforeseen events (Major Incidents) and to develop new forms of prayer and liturgy within the hospital to meet new situations or developments.

In the role of education we participate in the Nursing Programmes by providing lectures to new staff and we aim to expand our role in education regarding our service to other Healthcare professionals in the near future. At a national level the members of the Chaplaincy Department attend the annual conference of the National Association of Hospital Chaplains. They also attend an annual meeting of the Dublin Hospital Chaplains. The chaplaincy team respects each persons desire to practice their religion and know their spiritual and cultural beliefs. Where appropriate or possible the team will offer support.