We have 10 designated beds on St. Vincent's Ward but, because of problems in the Emergency Department (ED), it is sometimes difficult to get patients admitted electively. The majority of neurology in-patients are admitted via ED or the Acute Medical Unit (AMU) or via consultations (approximately 15-20 per week- same day service) for other services.


Since March 2006 we have been using 'Neurolink' whereby GPs can email requests via the Healthlink Website to the Consultant Neurologists and receive a reply within 24 hours. This is a bid to try and reduce patient waiting times, reduce administration time and obviate the need in some cases for patient attendance at all. Approximately 1 in 5 people referred by this method do not need to attend neurology clinics.


The Department sees over 8500 out-patients per year. Since September 2010, the Department has expanded to 17 out-patient clinics a week (see link below for details). Extra sessions are arranged on Wednesday mornings for procedures such as lumbar punctures.

In September 2010 two new Consultants joined the Neurology Department Dr. Christopher McGuigan and Dr. Sean O'Riordan. As part of this expansion we moved to a group practice and people referred to the service will be reviewed by one of the consultants/team and not necessarily the particular doctor that they were referred to. This is in order to try and make waiting times shorter, improve access and to speed up the referral process.


An MS rehabilitation clinic runs on the third Thursday of every month and a general rehabilitation clinic runs on the first Thursday of each month.

Staff: Drs. Nicola Ryall and Paul Carroll for the National Rehabilitation Hospital (attended also by Registrar. Between 5-10 patients are seen in each of these multi-disciplinary clinics.

Stroke Service

The stroke service at SVUH is run by Drs Diarmuid O'Shea, Graham Hughes and Rachel Doyle, Consultant Care of the Elderly Physicians. The neurology service sees people with stroke aged less than 65 years. The stroke unit has a dedicated stroke registrar and Stroke Nurse Specialist, Imelda Noone. Imelda also runs a TIA clinic each Friday in the Dept of Neurology.

In-patients waiting time: patients are seen the same day Out-patients waiting list: patients who have had a stroke are pre booked to a stroke clinic for 6-8 weeks later. The Neurovascular/TIA clinic also runs once a week and there are two slots for CT/carotid duplex each week.

Headache Clinic

The headache clinic at SVUH has been managed by Dr Patrick Daly and runs once a week. Dr Daly retired from this clinic in October 2015 and we are delighted to welcome Dr Sinead Beirne who will run the clinic over the next few years.


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Other Services:

Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

Staff - one half time SALT sessions
For in-patients - Waiting list: 24-48 hours
For out patients - Waiting list: 6 weeks to 2 months depending on level of priority (Videofluroscopy about 2 months)

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Staff: one half time post
For in-patients - Waiting list: less than 1 week
For out patients - None available
Waiting list: N/A


Staff - one full time Neurology post to cover inpatients 0.6 and 0.4 outpatients
For in-patients - Waiting time: up to 48 hours (Monday to Friday)
For out-patients - Waiting time: 4.5 months
Telephone - 01 221 4467

Social Work:

Shared post.