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Carew House Day Hospital

What is it?

Carew House Day Hospital is an outpatient assessment unit for patients aged sixty-five and over and is operated by the Medicine for the Elderly service in St. Vincent’s University Hospital. It is located on the grounds of St Vincent’s University Hospital, near the Merrion road entrance. Patient referred to Carew reside in our catchment area, which encompasses much of south-east Dublin and incorporates Community care Areas 1, 2 and parts of area 3. Generally, patients referred to our service will be assessed by our multidisciplinary team, consisting of: Nursing, Medical, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Medical Social Work staff. There is also access to Speech and Language Therapy, Dietician and Smoking cessation services. Specific areas of interest include, memory & cognitive impairment, gait and mobility disorders, Parkinson’s disease, falls and stroke.

Aim of our service

We aim to maximise each individual’s functional ability by addressing health concerns; thereby enabling patients to remain living safely and independently in their own homes for as long as possible.  This is achieved through multidisciplinary assessment and interaction with families and carers and referral onwards to the relevant community services via the patient’s Public Health Nurse. If a person decides they can no longer remain at home we will discuss the options with them and facilitate their plans.

Community Services

All services in the community are accessed via the Public Health Nurse at your local Health Centre.  (Details of which can be accessed via HSE website at the end of the page) The Public Health Nurse may visit you in your own home for specific nursing care or can organise services such as home supports (e.g. home help), attendance at a Day Centre, and referral for respite care.

Staff at Carew House

Medical staff at Carew includes 3 consultants supported by a Registrar and GP Trainee SHO.


Who can refer to Carew House?

Referral to our service is usually by your General Practitioner.


The Day Hospital is located on the grounds of St Vincent’s University Hospital.
It is a large white house at the Merrion Road entrance beside the Breast Check Building.

Contact details

Joan Magera, Reception Carew House Day Hospital: Tel 01 2214150   fax 2214026

Useful links

www.irishhealth.com Click on Health clinics for information on a number of medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, constipation, bladder control problems and many more.

www.ageaction.ie This is a national independent organisation on ageing and older people.

http://www.citizensinformation.ie provides information on your entitlements and accessing services.

www.hse.ie for accessing health services, including subvention for long-term care and lists of and contact details of your local health centres

www.alzheimer.ie advice on diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and contact details of support groups in your area.

www.parkinsons.ie advice on diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and contact details support groups in your area.


Carew House GP Referral Form

Please click here to view Carew House GP Referral Form 

Dr Diarmuid O' Shea
Dr JJ Barry
Dr Graham Hughes
Clinical Nurse Manager Therese Carey
Medical Social Worker Margaret Cagney
Occupational Therapist Amanda Groake
Physiotherpist Dawn Kelly