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Inpatient Services

Our Lady's Ward

Inpatient Services Our Lady's Ward

Our Lady's Ward is a specialised centre for the care of elderly patients admitted medically to St. Vincent’s University Hospital. We have a holistic, individual approach to the care of older people. We promote independence and self care while maintaining patient dignity. We believe that the participation in the planning and delivery of care should involve the patient, their family/carer and all members of the multidisciplinary team. This plan of care will aim to meet the individual patient's physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

Care is delivered on Our Lady's ward by a dedicated team of staff nurses and health care attendants under the supervision of a Clinical Nurse Manager 2 (senior ward sister) Ms. Hilda Markey and two Clinical Nurse Managers 1 (junior ward sisters) Ms. Mary Ann Furigay and Ms. Hepsy John.

Visiting hours

Visiting hours are strictly observed as per hospital policy 2-4pm and 6:30- 8:30pm.

Contact Details

The direct line for Our Lady's ward is 01 2214334.


Our Lady's Ward is currently situated on the ground floor due to refurbishment. We plan to move back up to our newly renovated ward on the first floor early January 2009.