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 Patient Information

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Stroke & TIA

Warfarin after stroke or TIA

Useful Links

www.irishheart.ie : National charity that provides information and support on all aspects of heart health and stroke in Ireland.


Understanding Alzheimer's Disease Documentary DVD

Useful Links  

www.alzheimer.ie : advice on diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and contact details of support groups in your area

www.dementia.ie : Dementia Services Information & Developement Centre, Telephone: 01-4162035 Fax: 01-4163482


Parkinson's Disease

General Advice

Exercise Chart

Wearing off

Parkinson's Association membership

Parkinson's Association history

Useful Links

www.parkinsons.ie : advice on diagnosis of Parkinson's disease and contact details support groups in your area

www.epda.eu.com : international organisation providing information to be public and health professionals on Parkinson's disease & its allied conditions