Department of Old Age Psychiatry

This service cares for the mental health needs of people over 65 years who reside in the service catchment area. This comprises Community Care Areas 1 and 2. More than 33,000 people over 65 years live in the service catchment area.


There is a multidisciplinary team, including 2 consultants, community mental health nurses, psychologists, occupational therapy, social work, and secretarial support.

Patients are referred to the service by their general practitioner or hospital doctor. Initial assessments are carried out by a team doctor either at the patients home (a domiciliary visit) or in Carew House.

Carew House

This is the team headquarters, where team members are based. Outpatient visits are held here.

Services available

Home visits, outpatient service, day hospital, inpatient ward.

Day hospital

This is based in Carew House. It is staffed by 2 psychiatric nurses. Patients attend the day hospital for a time-limited period for assessment and treatment of their psychological illness. Specific programmes are held in the day hospital on occasion, eg the Anxiety Management Programme.

Inpatient beds

There is a Psychiatry of Old Age ward in Elm Mount Unit for people over 65 attending the service who require a period of in-patient treatment.

Contact number: Carew House: tel: 221 4884, fax: 221 4882