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Stopping the Spread of HCV

  • Be careful with your own blood.
  • Any open sores or cuts need to be covered.
  • All blood stained tissues, sanitary towels, tampons etc need to be disposed off very carefully i.e. tied in a plastic bag. Wash your hands carefully.
  • Teach your children that blood can spread viruses.
  • Never share razor, toothbrushes, nail scissor etc.
  • Never share drug equipment.
  • If going for acupuncture or electrolysis make certain that the needles are disposable.
  • Think carefully before getting body piercing or tattoo’s particularly when travelling over seas.
  • Condoms should be used:
    • When a woman is menstruating.
    • When having sex with new or multiple partners.
    • If there are any breaks in the skin.
  • Always wear gloves if dealing with blood spills or with another persons blood.