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Support Groups

Hepatitis Information point
Community Response
Carman’s Court
14 Carman Hall (off Francis St)
Dublin 8
work Tel: (01) 473 6615

Hepatitis Information point (HIP) is a voluntary agency in Dublin South Inner City. The agency works with individuals, families and communities to develop their own response to drug misuse, HIV and HCV.

Irish Haemophilia Society
Block C
Iceland House
Arran Court
Arran Quay
Dublin 7
work Tel: (01) 872 4466
work fax Fax: (01) 872 4494

The Irish Haemophilia society provides information, support and services to all people with bleeding disorders who have HCV. Support is also provided to their families.

Irish Kidney Association
Donor House
Block 43A
Dublin 12
work Tel: (01) 668 9788
work fax Fax: (01) 668 3820
work fax Lo-call: 1890 45 65 56

The Irish Kidney Association provides information and support to people with kidney problems, including people who have HCV through dialysis or organ transplant and to their family.

Positive Action
56 Fitzwilliam Square
Dublin 2
work Tel: (01) 676 2853
work fax Fax: (01) 662 0009

Positive Action provides information and support to women and who have HCV from infected Anti-D products administered in Ireland. Support is also available to their families.

Transfusion Positive
3 Clanwilliam Square
Dublin 2
Tel: (01) 639 8855
Fax: (01) 6398856

Transfusion Positive provides information and support to people who have Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion in Ireland. Support is also available to their families.


St. James's Hospital
Hepatology Unit
James’s Street
Dublin 8
work Tel: (01) 416 2475
Mater Misericordiae Hospital
Centre for Liver Disease
Eccles Street
Dublin 7
work Tel: (01) 803 2048
Beaumont Hospital
Hepatology Unit
Beaumont Road
Dublin 9
work Tel: (01) 809 2220
Cork University Hospital
Hepatology Unit
work Tel: (021) 454 6400
Galway University College Hospital
Hepatology Unit
work Tel: (091) 544 370
St. Lukes Hosptial
Hepatology Unit
work Tel: (056) 778 5329
Our Lady’s Hospital For Sick Children
Hepatology Unit
Dublin 12
work Tel: (01) 4096742