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Treatment Options

HCV may be treated with medication. The nurses and doctors will discuss the treatment options and your suitability for treatment with you at your clinic appointment.

  • The current treatment is called combination therapy. It is a weekly injection of interferon and tablets called ribavarin, which are taken every day. The injection is given under the skin of your stomach or thigh.
  • The length of time on treatment varies for genotype (strain) to genotype
    • For Genotype 2 and 3, the treatment length is 24 weeks.
    • The remaining genotypes need to stay on treatment for 48 weeks.
  • The success rate varies for genotype to genotype.
    • For genotype 2 and 3, 7-8 people out of 10 will clear the virus on treatment
    • Only 4-5 out of 10 in the remaining genotypes will clear the virus.
  • There are potential side effects with all drugs. Some people take the medication with no problems while other people find the treatment hard. The nurses and doctors are here to help you through the treatment.