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The Infection Prevention and Control Department

Promoting Patient Safety

The control of infection is everybody’s responsibility. Please wash your hands and make optimal use of the hand hygiene units situated throughout the hospital and in each ward. Service users and their relatives /visitors are informed that they can ask staff if they have performed hand hygiene before attending to them and also request staff to practice hand hygiene.



Who are we?

  • Assistant director of nursing

  • Clinical nurse specialists

  • Administrative assistants

  • Consultant microbiologists

  • Registrars / SpRs in microbiology

  • Surveillance scientist

  • Antimicrobial pharmacist

  • Medical laboratory scientists in microbiology


What do we do?

The infection prevention and control team (IPCT) work together with all grades and disciplines of the staff of St. Vincent’s University Hospital to promote the health and safety of patients, staff and visitors by minimising or eliminating the risk of transmission of infection.  Our work includes: -

  • Clinical advice service
  • Infection prevention and control advice service
  • Education
  • Audit
  • Surveillance
  • Formulation of infection prevention and control guidelines for the hospital
  • Input into other services e.g., technical services, project works, commissioning, hygiene services, and waste management


Up until December 2008, the three hospitals of St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group had a joint Infection Control Committee (ICC) that met regularly to support the IPCT of each hospital in their role.  This joint committee has been disbanded in order to allow management of local issues at local level, and is being replaced by a local ICC in each of the group hospitals.  The SVUH committee, which will meet later this month and which will have representatives from all relevant departments within the hospital, will report to the Patient Safety Committee. 


If all staff members adhere to correct infection control practices, then we can minimise or prevent the risk of transmission of infection to our patients, our visitors and our staff.  Optimal infection control practice applies not only to hand hygiene, but to many other clinical procedures and practices, as well as to correct management of waste, sharps, linen and correct decontamination of clinical equipment.


The infection prevention and control guidelines for SVUH are available at ward and departmental level, as well as on the hospital intranet.  These are currently being revised and the updated guidelines will be launched later in the spring.


The IPCT can be contacted on bleep 122 or at extensions 4088/4948.




What the Infection Control Team Do

We work as a Multidisciplinary team in conjunction with all Healthcare staff, patients and visitors to ensure that an effective infection prevention and control service is provided.

We develop and participate in programmes designed to inform, educate, advise and train staff and patients about infection control issues.

We participate in a daily microbiology laboratory round which enables us to identify potential infection hazards, provide advice on appropriate management and placement of patients with an infection.

We liaise with all departments and personnel within the hospital, providing advice on all aspects on infection prevention and control.

We carry out surveillance of problem organisms and healthcare associated infections within the hospital and communicate results of these to healthcare staff and management.

We also undertake audits of antibiotic use and provide education to staff on the optimal use of antibiotics.

The team also liaises with Technical Services and the project office on issues related to hospital building and maintenance.


Hours of Service

Monday to Friday 07:30 - 18:00



3rd Floor, New Building in Mircobiology Department


Main Contact Details

Tel: (01) 221 3291