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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department

We took the strategic decision in 2004 to focus on our ICT infrastructure in order to create a stable platform on which to build our enterprise applications.

We tackled five broad areas:

  • Server and Storage
  • LAN and WAN Networks
  • Operating Systems
  • Backup and security
  • Disaster Recovery

We have over the last three years made significant strides in this regard. This fast and stable infrastructure has proven invaluable with enterprise initiatives such as our PACS/RIS project. With our consolidation project nearing completion we will now renew our focus on clinical systems.

To this end we are now addressing the remaining gaps in our application portfolio. We wish to maximize efficiency on the patients journey through the hospital while reducing the overhead on medial and support staff.

We are currently researching the use of the following systems in the hospital:

  • Pathology Order Communications System
  • Clinical Workstation and Discharge Summary
  • Bed Management System
  • Bar-coded Patient Wristbands

Our goals can be summarized as:

  • Consolidation and enhancement of our Infrastructure
  • Providing Quality support and added value to existing system and users
  • Replacement of end of life legacy systems
  • Effective convergence of applications within St.Vincents Healthcare Group
  • Procurement and implementation of new applications and technologies with a primary focus on the electronic Patient Record
  • Supporting Research and Education

There are 3 main divisions within the ICT Department. These are:

Operations: The Operations team are responsible for the Network infrastructure of the hospital, including switches, servers, routers, firewalls, email, internet access, wireless access, overall network security and ICT hospital policy implementation and enforcement.

Applications Support: The Applications Support team operate a helpdesk system that users throughout the hospital contact if they have any issues with PC’s, printers, Microsoft or other applications and to liaise with external support companies to ensure the resolution of problems that arise from specific Healthcare related software solutions.

Project Management: The project management team are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of new and current ICT projects within the hospital. This includes scheduling upgrades and the addition of new interfaces to hospital systems whilst making sure new systems will be compatible with current/future ICT strategy and current projects or applications.

The general hours of ICT service are as follows:

9.00AM-5.00PM Weekdays

Applications provide extra support from 8.00-9.00 each weekday. There is also a 24 hour On Call service for critical systems.

The main contact number for ICT is 353 (0)1 221 4401

The FAX number for ICT is 353 (0)1 2837874

The ICT consists of the following staff members:

Name Title
Dermot Cullinan Director of ICT
Jackie Glynn Deputy Head of ICT for Applications
Neal Mullen Deputy Head of ICT for Operations
Patricia Chadwick Administration Clerk
Bridgie Thompson Administration Clerk
Dermot Nolan Application Support Manager
Lloyd Felton Senior Project Manager
Joseph Ryan Senior Operations Technician
Trevor Flynn Senior Applications Technician
Micheál Rourke Project Manager
Niall Berwick Project Manager
Sinead McDermott Project Manager
Aidan O’Sullivan Applications Support Technician
Gerry Murphy Applications Support Technician
Glen Galbraith Applications Support Technician
Daragh O’Duffy Applications Support Technician
Mark O’Brien Applications Support Technician
Colin Bogle Applications Support Technician