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Bed Management

The function of the Bed Management Department is to oversee all daily admissions, transfers and discharges in the hospital. In doing so we aim to balance the access demands of the Emergency department and those of urgent/ non-urgent elective work with available beds. The aim of the team working within the Bed Management Department is to optimise the continuum of care by managing the patient effectively throughout the whole of their care episode, from admission into the hospital and back to the community. The process of enhancing patient management is accomplished by an improved admission process, comprehensive discharge planning and co-ordination with non-acute services.

St Vincentís University Hospital's in-patient bed capacity is currently 514. We are the National referral centre for Cystic Fibrosis and for Liver transplants. Our regional specialities include Orthopaedic, ENT and Plastic Surgery, whilst our super-regional specialities are Cardiology and Vascular surgery. We work closely with St Michaelís Hospital, St Vincentís Private Hospital and with St Colmcilles (Loughlinstown), and many of our consultants have split appointments within the group, resulting in a regular flow of patients between these hospitals.

Projects in progress at present are:

  • Anticipated Date of Discharge stamp: Allows for improved preparation of patients for discharge and increased efficiency during admission. Primarily it helps the Bed Management Dept anticipate bed shortages/availability.
  • Medically Fit for Discharge stamp: Allows us to identify delayed discharges and their causes.
  • Process mapping of randomised admissions to identify causes of delayed discharges.
  • Up-dating of the IT systems within the department
  • Up-dating of all policies relating to Bed Management


Michele McCormack - CNM3 (Acting)
#160 or Ext 4669

Sinead Rowley - CNM2 (Acting)
#160 or ext 3624

Maria Lawlor - Liason Public Health Nurse/Discharge Planner
Ext 3399