Needlestick Injury Prevention Programme

The objective of the BE SHARP…BE SAFE educational programme is to inform staff on reducing the risk of Needlestick injuries.
To accomplish this, we:
Collect data on needlestick injuries to determine who is getting injured and how the injuries occur;
Analyse trends in needlestick injuries over time to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken to reduce such injuries;
Provide information on available safety engineered medical devices;
Work with other hospital departments by sharing injury data and jointly reviewing safety engineered medical devices;
Assist Managers and staff to comply with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Biological Agents) (Amendment) Regulations (1998), document sharps exposure incidents, and analyse incident data to prevent future injuries.

Staff immunisation programme

The Department offers a variety of immunisations and screening services that can be offered alone or as part of an overall examination. These include immune status evaluation to determine immune status to rubella, varicella, TB, measles and mumps and where appropriate offer vaccination.

Working Backs Programme

  • The objectives of the WORKING BACKS programme are to:
  • Encourage an active, self management approach to low back pain (LBP);
  • Ensure staff members have easy and early access to appropriate back services when necessary;
  • Facilitate early identification of staff who are having difficulty working to full capacity/returning to work i.e. 'at-risk employees';
  • Monitor incidence of back pain.

Stress Management and Education Programme

The aim of the programmes provided is to provide health and lifestyle education. Additional advice and information on these and other related topics is available through the Occupational Health Department from the Medical, Psychological and Nursing staff but the purpose is to target specific preventative measures e.g. lifestyle and specific problems, such as diet, exercise and personal stress management.

Flu Vaccination Programme

The influenza vaccine is offered to all hospital staff each year.

Audit and Research

The OHD endeavours to ensure that education and research inform a quality service. The team are involved in a number of research projects at present and are engaged in on-going staff education throughout the hospital. Project work is disseminated to a wider audience through oral and poster presentations.