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Frequently asked questions?????


Why would I require Occupational Therapy (OT)?

Ward staff may ask an Occupational Therapist to see you if they believe you are having difficulty managing the day to day activities you were able to do before admission to hospital, but may not find so easy now, due to accident or illness. Your Occupational Therapist will help you to manage these daily activities as independently and safely as possible for your discharge.

How would I be referred to Occupational Therapy?

A member of nursing staff, allied health staff or medical team can refer you to Occupational Therapy if you are an inpatient in SVUH or SVPH. Currently, the outpatient Occupational Therapy service only applies to patients attending the hands and plastics team, rheumatology and orthopaedic consultant teams.

What is the difference/similarity between a Community Occupational Therapist and a hospital based Occupational Therapist?

A Community Occupational Therapist works with people living in the community in their home or place of residence. Hospital based Occupational Therapists do not see patients in the Community once they are discharged from hospital. If required, the hospital Occupational Therapist will liaise with the Community Occupational Therapist whilst a person is still an inpatient prior to their discharge home.

How do I see a Community Occupational Therapist?

Generally the hospital based Occupational Therapist will refer you to the Community Occupational Therapist if deemed necessary. Members of the Multi-disciplinary team can also refer you to the Community Occupational Therapist if you have not been seen by an Occupational Therapist while in hospital. If you are currently at home, you may be referred to your Community Occupational Therapist via your GP. Please refer to your local health centres for further information.

How long will I have to wait in hospital to be seen by an Occupational Therapy?

This will vary upon each Occupational Therapy service area in SVUH. Waiting lists are in place for certain areas in the hospital, therefore, please refer to specific area information section.

Am I entitled to any equipment to increase my independence at home/ in the hospital?

The Occupational Therapist will individually assess each patient referred to determine their level of independence and need for essential equipment. Equipment may be provided for discharge if deemed necessary by the Occupational Therapist. We have a small stock of equipment that we can issue if deemed essential for patient discharge and if specific criteria for issuing this equipment are met. The Occupational Therapist will discuss this individually with each person referred.