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Podiatry Department

Podiatry is a profession which specialises in the management and treatment of disorders affecting the lower limb.  Podiatry can significantly improve peoples’ quality of life through promoting and maintaining mobility.  The major areas of practice for podiatrists include diabetes, vascular, and rheumatology.

The Podiatry department is a multidisciplinary foot clinic, which aims to reduce lower extremity ulceration and amputation of patients with diabetes and other diseases.

Areas of Interest
• Diabetes and vascular complications
• Foot ulcer management
• Specialist footwear and orthotics
• Patient education

Service Provided & Where Clinics Take Place
Clinical sessions take place within the podiatry clinic located in the General Out Patient Area.  The department provides a range of services including comprehensive assessment of the lower limbs, specialist screening assessing nerve and vascular supply, ulcer debridement and footwear clinics.
How to access the service
Assess to the service is available to patients of the Diabetes Centre, who present with acute diabetic foot complications such as ulceration, gangrene or Charcot’s arthropathy.  Also patients’ may be referred by consultants or related clinical nurse specialists within St Vincent’s University Hospital

Hours of Service

Monday – Friday   9:00 – 5:00