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   What is Psycho-oncology?

A diagnosis of cancer is difficult for anyone to deal with. Feeling sad, angry, anxious, stressed or out of control are normal reactions to an abnormal event.

Psycho-oncology is a subspecialty of oncology that attempts to deal with the psychological reactions of people with cancer (as well as assisting their families). Consider the following questions:

·        Are you feeling depressed or anxious?

·        Has your social/ family/ sexual life been impacted significantly by your cancer?

·        Are you concerned about how your body looks as a result of your cancer or its treatment?

·        Have others observed that you are not yourself or more irritable than usual?

·        Is pain causing you some distress?

·         Are you generally finding it difficult to cope with your cancer

These symptoms are common for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer. However, if you have experienced these symptoms for longer than 2 weeks, discussing these concerns with a psychologist may be beneficial instead of dealing with them on your own.