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Services and Programmes Available

Individual Assessment and Intervention

All patients referred to the service will be assessed with a view to providing or accessing appropriate follow-on supports/intervention where necessary. Inpatients and outpatients may be offered a period of individual therapeutic work with a member of the psycho-oncology team.

In addition, the service provides the following out-patient group therapy programmes:

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Course facilitated by:

  • Dr. Paul D’Alton, Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr. Louise Kinsella, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dee McKiernan, Counselling Psychologist

What does it involve?

This course is offered to cancer patients as a means of coping with cancer. It aims to introduce relaxation exercises, gentle body movements and cognitive therapy to help calm the anxious mind, provide skills to live with greater peace of mind and enhance ability to live in the present. 

When does it happen?

It is an eight-week programme where patients attend once a week for two hours. Places are limited to 12-20 participants per group, and the programme is available bi-annually.

Can I participate?

MBCT is open to all cancer patients at SVUH regardless of diagnosis, subject to a screening for suitability to the programme. It is particularly suitable for patients who have previous experience of relaxation, meditation, yoga, and stress management. It is best suited to patients at the end of their medical treatment. If interested, please apply early as places may be subject to an initial wait list. Places are allocated based on patient suitability and availability to attend all dates on the eight-week programme.


Complementary Therapy

 Therapies provided by:

  • Mary Moriarty, Complementary Therapist

 The aim of complementary therapy is to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, relieve stress related symptoms and treatment related symptoms. The therapies offered are:  Aromatherapy massage, Massage and Reflexology. Patients must be referred by their consultant before receiving complementary therapies.

Who can participate?

  • In-patients deemed appropriate by the Psycho-oncology team. A limited out-patient service is also available.