Who We Are


Dr. Paul D’Alton, Head and Clinical Lead of the Department, Senior Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Paul D’Alton is head and clinical lead of the Department of Psycho-oncology at St. Vincent’s University Hospital, and Adjunct Lecturer at the School of Psychology, University College Dublin.  This multidisciplinary department (comprising of nursing, psychology & complementary therapy) provides a clinical service to cancer patients throughout the hospital. Dr D’Alton’s primary area of clinical interest is the application of mindfulness-based interventions in health care. He completed his internship and teacher intensive training at the University of Massachusetts (USA) where mindfulness-based interventions in health care originated. He teaches at undergraduate and post-graduate level in University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin and with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Dr D’Alton is convenor and deputy chair of the Psycho-oncology Research Advisory Group (PRAG), who are currently designing a five year research strategy and partnership with academic and clinical colleagues. Dr D’Alton served as Principal Investigator on a number of research projects which have been presented at national and international conferences. Dr D’Alton is an appointed expert member of the St Vincent’s Health Care Group Medical Research and Ethics Committee, founder and chair of SVUH Arts Project, and current chair of the Irish Association for Palliative Care Working Ethics Group. He is an active member of the Psychological Society of Ireland, chairing the Special Interest Group in Death, Dying & Bereavement and also chairs the Society's working group on equality and inclusive practice (EQuIP).

 Dr. Louise Kinsella, Clinical Psychologist


Louise returned to work at SVUH in September of 2010 after completing her clinical training and research here two years prior. She works in conjunction with the Psycho-oncology team to provide psychological assessment and intervention to oncology patients and their families. Louise works mostly with people who are inpatients of the hospital, offering individual therapeutic support during this difficult time. Support for staff caring for oncology patients is an important aspect of this work. Louise has experience working therapeutically with clients from across the lifespan and in a variety of settings from acute mental health to community. She works half time with the Psycho-oncology Department in addition to working with families and children in a community setting outside of SVUH. Currently Louise is working on a proposal to further her research into the experience of palliative patients in a general hospital.

Dee McKiernan, Counselling Psychologist

Dee's clinical interest include psychological assessment and various psychotherapeutic interventions.  Dee focuses on establishing a safe therapeutic relationship for clients, which allows the clients to explore difficult or painful issues at their own pace.  The approach is integrative, combining mainly from Person-Centered Therapy and Psychodynamic Theory.

Dee has experience with numerous psychological presentations including relationship difficulties, acute and chronic trauma, adjustment reactions, psychological effects of health related issues,complicated grief and coping with significant life events.  Dee also lectures in DCU, UCD and TCD on various psychological topics, and runs workshops, seminars and training sessions for the Irish Cancer Society.

In addition, Dee works with clients in a general psychotherapy practice, experiencing difficulties such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, relationship difficulties, abuse addiction, self esteem, stress and trauma, She also works as a Clinical Supervisor of Psychologists in Training and is a member of The Psychological Society of Ireland. 

Mary Moriarty, CNM2 and Complementary Therapist


As a Complementary Therapist, Mary works as part of the Psycho-oncology team to provide comfort orientated massage and reflexology to haematology, oncology, and palliative care. Mary’s main focus at SVUH is to promote relaxation and to reduce anxiety felt by patients. Complementary therapy aims to relieve stress related symptoms such as pain and muscle tension as well as treatment related symptoms like nausea and fatigue. Mary utilizes Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy and Reflexology to help minimize the symptoms associated with cancer and its treatment. She is also a member of the National Register of Reflexologists, MLD Ireland and the Irish Massage Therapists Association.

 Psychologist in Clinical/Counselling Training

The Psychologist in Training is involved in a doctorate level training programme with an established Irish University such as Trinity College Dublin (TCD) or University College Dublin (UCD). As part of this program, the psychologist in training is offered a unique opportunity to engage in a specialist placement with the Psycho-oncology unit at SVUH. A placement will be of 5 month or 10 month duration. The psychologist in training has a number of roles including providing psychological support to the multi-disciplinary teams working with cancer patients; facilitating group psychological interventions for staff and patients; and engaging in one-to-one psychological intervention. The psychologist in clinical training is involved in the assessment of psychological difficulties through clinical interview and psychometric use. The psychologist in training also engages in individual psychotherapy with cancer patients at inpatient and outpatient status.

Assistant Psychologist

The Assistant Psychologist works under the supervision of the Senior Clinical Psychologist, Dr Paul D'Alton and is engaged in collaborative research within the department and responsible for psychological screening and assessment of client suitability for those who self-refer to our mindfulness-based interventions.  The Assistant Psychologist works in a supportive role within the department, providing assistance, support and project co-ordination on various research streams within the Department, such as intervention-based studies and palliative care research.

Caroline Livingstone, Office AdministratorEmail: c.livingstone@svuh.ie


Caroline is responsible for a providing administrative support to all staff in The Department of Psycho-oncology and secretary to Dr Paul D'Alton, Senior Clinical Psychologist. This consists of scheduling and managing all appointments for Psychologists and Complementary Therapists using electronic diary, receiving and distributing calls/messages/, waiting lists for courses, manages follow up course, course literature, manages patient referral system for Psychologists and Complementary Therapist, manages inpatient and outpatients appointments on the database, manage room booking system, statistics, update procedure manual as requested, organises documentation for meetings, organises staff and patient lectures and literature, managing timesheets, types all correspondence on transcription system, send out weekly text reminders, obtain supplies from stores, website maintenance, manage psycho-oncology funding.


Sr. Anne McLoughlin, Associate Chaplain

• Email: a.mcloughlin@svuh.ie

Sr. Anne is a member of the Chaplaincy team in SVUH and as associate chaplain of the psycho-oncology team offers 'Pastoral Care' to patients and their families who are dealing with cancer related illnesses and treatments and in some cases poor prognosis. 'Pastoral Care' deals explicitly though not exclusively with spiritual aspects of reality. It is the spiritual and emotional support of people in their search for meaning. Sr. Anne's ministry to patients focuses on empathic listening recognizing that it is not just the body that may be in pain and confusion but a person's 'soul' or 'inner life'. Sr. Anne's ministry is for people of all faiths and none. Leaders of other faiths are also contacted by Sr. Anne when requested by patients. For many of the Roman Catholic patients receiving the Sacraments is a source of comfort and strength which they can request at any time. Sr. Anne worked as a nursing sister for many years in England, Ireland and Romania and after receiving a BA Divinity (Honours) degree from Pontifical University Maywood completed three unitls of Clinical Pastoral Education in SVUH and was certified by the Healthcare Chaplaincy Board as a Chaplain.