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Introduction to Insurance, Risk and Legal Affairs

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Risk management is a necessary process in the achievement of the organisations objectives. The primary aim is to ensure that the health and wellbeing of patients is not damaged in any way by our actions or by the environment in our organisation. To provide a safe environment for all employees and patients so that their health, safety and well being is not compromised in any way by the groups activities. To ensure that members of the public who visit our organisation are not injured in any way through no fault of their own.  This document is based on the guidelines issued by the Dublin Hospitals Risk Management Group Forum, 2007. (2005 DHG RMF Final Draft Risk Management Staff Handbook 2007))

Learning From Our Mistakes

In order to learn lessons from adverse incidents and near misses the Hospital aims to ensure the reporting of any event which could result in, or may lead to, unintended or unexpected physical or psychological injury, disease, disability or death of a patient, staff member of visitor.

When things do go wrong it is now widely accepted that the response should not be one of blame and retribution, but one of learning, with an overarching aim to minimise risk for future patients and staff who may otherwise suffer as a consequence.

Engaging in pro-active risk management activity, in addition to the process of reactive incident management, will enable the early identification of many things that can go wrong as part of a systematic approach to risk assessment.

It is Everyone's Responsibility 

Risk management affects everyone in the organisation and every employee has a statutory obligation to report incidents therefore, the onus is on each member of staff to demonstrate compliance with the Hospitals risk management policy, management of a serious untoward incident/sentinel event and this handbook. Completion of a Risk Management Occurrence Form and Medication Incident Form does not constitute an admission of liability of any kind by any person.       

Risk management at St. Vincents University Hospital is co-ordinated through the Insurance, Risk and Legal Affairs Department.  Contact Insurance, Risk and Legal Affairs Co-ordinator on 01-2214245 or  in relation to medication related incidents contact Medication Safety Officer on 01 2213469.