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Welcome to the Surgical Professional Unit

The Surgical Professorial Unit at St Vincent’s University Hospital is responsible for undergraduate teaching of surgery to students from University College Dublin, co-ordination of post  graduate learning and supervision of post-graduate research.

The clinical interests of the Surgical Professorial Unit are in colorectal surgery under the academic leadership of Prof Ronan O’Connell, Prof Des Winter and Prof John Hyland and in breast and endocrine surgery under the academic leadership of Mr Enda McDermott, Mr James Geraghty and Mr Denis Evoy. In December 2010, Mr Joe Duignan retired after many years of service at St Michael’s and St Vincent’s Hospitals.

Research from the Surgical Professorial Unit has been recognised by national and international awards in 2010. Dr Calvin Coffey won the prize for best original research presented to the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons at the annual meeting in Minneapolis. Prof O’Connell and Prof Winter were awarded a large Science Foundation Ireland grant to investigate the role of sulphate reducing bacteria in ulcerative colitis, while Mr Geraghty was awarded a Health Research Board grant to investigate mechanisms underlying cellular senescence in breast cancer.

The Final Medical Year students of 2010 did spectacularly well in their Final Surgical Examination. The following prizes in Surgery were awarded in 2010 – The O’Farrell Gold Medal in Surgery  -  Dr. Laura Brown, McArdle Prize in Surgery – Dr. Alexis Cahalane, and Tobin Prize in Surgery – Ms. Anna McDonnough. 

Professor Hyland was elected President of the Irish Society of Gastroenterology, Professor O’Connell was elected Editor in Chief of the European Surgical Association and Prof Winter was made James’ IV Surgical Society international travelling fellow for 2010.  Prof O’Connell continued as Secretary of the European Society of Coloproctology.


Staff Structure

Head of Subject
Professor P. Ronan O’Connell
University Senior Lecturer
Mr Enda W McDermott, Mr. James Geraghty
Clinical Associate Professor
Professor Des Winter, Professor John Hyland
Clinical Senior Lecturer
Mr. Denis Evoy & Mrs. Joe Duggan
Adjunct Professor
Professor M Joe Duffy
Senior Research Associate
Dr Neil Docherty
Research Fellows
Ms. Karen Griffin, Ms. Maria Buffini, Mr. Baba Soetan, Dr. Aonghas Lavelle ,Dr. M Cotter, Dr. M. Medani
Special Lecturers
Mr. Cormac Joyce, Ms. Niamh Brambury, Mr. Kah Hoong Chang
Clinical Research Nurse
Ms Liz Egan
Executive Assistants

Mrs Patricia O’Shea; Ms. Eileen Corridan; Mrs Aine Begley

Tel: (01) 221 3709 / 4714 / 4142 / 4714