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Clinical Haematology

The Department of Clinical Haematology provides care for patients with general and malignant haematological disorders including leukaemia, myeloma and lymphoma, as well as patients undergoing autologous stem cell harvesting and transplantation.


  • Specialist service for malignant disorders including:
    • leukaemias
    • myeloproliferative and multiple myeloma patients
  • Specialist advice on clotting and bleeding problems
  • Lymphoma service (delivered by a combined haematology/oncology team)



Other useful contact details

  • Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist – Joy Lewis
    • tel: (01) 221 4373
  • Haematology Leucaphereisis Nurse – Michelle Connell
    • tel: (01) 221 4085
  • Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist – Sarah Linnane
    • tel: (01) 221 5178
  • St Anne’s Day Ward (Ground Floor, Nutley Wing)
    • tel: (01) 221 4575/6096/6097
  • St Anne’s Ward (6th Floor, Nutley Wing)
    • tel: (01) 221 4222/6687

Referral information

We accept consultant and GP referrals to our outpatient clinics. Outpatient appointments are only granted on receipt of a referral letter. These are reviewed by the consultant haematologists who then decide on the urgency of the appointment.


tel:   (01) 221 3125
fax:  (01) 221 3968


Ground Floor (and 6th Floor)
Nutley Wing
St. Vincent’s University Hospital
Elm Park
Dublin 4

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri:  07.30 – 18.00