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Patient Charges

St. Vincent’s University Hospital is a voluntary public hospital operating under section 38 of the Health Act. Everyone living in Ireland and certain visitors are entitled to a range of health services.  If you attend or are admitted to a public hospital in the Republic of Ireland certain Public Health Act charges apply.

A summary of these charges is outlined below:

Public Health Act Charges – Irish and EU Citizens (including Australia)

Emergency Department (ED or A&E)

If you attend the Emergency Department at St. Vincent’s University Hospital a Health Act charge of €100 will apply.  Payment is due upon initial registration at the hospital.  The ED reception accepts debit cards, all major credit cards and cash payments.

This charge is exempt if you are categorised in one of the following groups:

  • You are referred by your GP (referral letter must be shown upon arrival when you attend the Emergency Department)
  • You are a current GMS medical card holder (medical card must be shown when you attend the Emergency Department) – a DVC medical card does not cover ED attendance as it is for GP visits only
  • You hold a valid and in date EHIC/E111 card
  • Your treatment in the Emergency Department is a direct follow-up/on within six weeks of your initial Emergency Department visit
  • You are admitted to hospital through the Emergency Department (you will then be subject to inpatient/day service charges – please see inpatient section below)
  • You are receiving treatment for prescribed infectious diseases or entitled to hospital services by EU regulation

Inpatient charge/day services charge

If you are admitted as a public patient to a ward in St. Vincent’s University Hospital, you are an inpatient. Inpatients are subject to the Health Act charge of €80 per day, up to a maximum of ten days (€800) in a rolling 12 month period, in any public hospital. You will be invoiced upon discharge and payment can be made online or by calling the patient accounts department who can take your payment by credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can pay by cheque, postal order or in person at our cash office, located at Centre Point in the Clinical Services Building, during office hours.

This charge is not applicable if you are categorised in one of the following groups:

  • You are a current GMS medical card holder (please notify the hospital of your medical card number at the time of admission)
  • You are receiving treatment for prescribed infectious diseases or entitled to hospital services by EU regulation

If you have private health insurance you can choose to have your insurer pay your health act charges. All you have to do is download and complete the relevant claim form below and return the signed form with your invoice to: Patient Accounts Department, St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Elm Park, Dublin 4.

Claim forms

VHI Claim Form
Laya Claim Form
Irish Life Claim Form
Garda Claim Form
MPF-ESB Claim Form
POMAS (Prison Officers Medical Aid Society) Claim Form

Public Health Act Charges – Non EU Citizens excluding Australia

  • ED (A&E): €300.00 per visit (unless follow up/on within 6 weeks for original treatment)
  • Inpatient: €1,210.00 per night
  • Day care: €605.00 per day care

Payment can be made by debit, credit card or cash upon discharge

Private patients in public or voluntary hospitals

Patients with private health insurance can opt for private inpatient and/or day care services in a public or voluntary hospital. We operate a direct payment scheme with the major private insurance companies. This means if you have private health insurance, we can submit a claim on your behalf. A member of hospital staff can discuss your options with you upon admission. Private accommodation charges are set out below.

Single occupancy

  • Inpatient: €1,000.00 per night in single occupancy bedroom


  • Semi-private: €813.00 per night in a multi-occupancy room/ward
  • Day care: €407.00 per day care

There are no exemptions from these charges.

  • The statutory charge of €80.00 does not apply to patients who have opted for private inpatient or day care services.
  • St. Vincent’s University Hospital currently operates a direct claims payments scheme with VHI Healthcare, Laya Healthcare, Irish Life Health, ESB Medical Provident Fund, St Paul’s Garda Medical Aid Society and Prison Officers’ Medical Aid Society (POMAS)

For queries in connection with these charges please contact:

tel: (01) 221 4439 during office hours Monday to Friday.

For further information on hospital charges please see the HSE website