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Visiting Guidelines

Visiting arrangements

Effective from Thursday, 14 April, St. Vincent’s University Hospital is recommencing restricted visiting for patients with the following advice which will be updated on the Website:

  • Visiting will be strictly by appointment only and must be pre booked
  • Booking Helplines:  (087) 788 6086 and (087) 709 9516  Monday to Friday 08.00 to 12.00 (Excl. Bank Holiday’s)
  • One person per visit only
  • A maximum of 2 visits per week
  • A visit is 30 minutes duration
  • Visiting Times: 14.00 to 16.00 and 18.30 – 20.30 daily
  • Do not visit if you have COVID symptoms

Security information

St. Vincent’s University Hospital does not accept responsibility for patient property and we recommend that patients pass all unnecessary cash, jewellery and clothing for safekeeping to their next of kin – as soon as possible following admission. Property retained by patients remains entirely the responsibility of the patient and the hospital shall not be liable for any loss or damage however caused.

Infection control policy

One of the most important ways of reducing transmission of infection from person to person is by good hand hygiene. Visitors to the hospital should use the alcohol gels available throughout the hospital to clean their hands before and after visiting patients and patients are reminded to clean their hands regularly, particularly before eating. Hand hygiene information leaflets for patients and visitors are available throughout the hospital.

No smoking policy

St. Vincent’s University Hospital promotes a completely smoke-free environment throughout the hospital. In the interest of patients, staff and visitors, smoking is not permitted either inside the hospital or on the hospital grounds.