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For GPs

St. Vincent’s University Hospital Annual GP Study Day – Saturday, 2nd March 2024

We were delighted to have invited General Practitioners to the GP Study Day 2024 at SVUH, a dynamic event designed to enrich the knowledge and skills of primary care practitioners. This engaging day promised a lineup of speakers who shared their expertise on a range of important medical topics.

The event took place on the 2nd of March from 08:20am to 12:30pm at the Nurse Education Centre (NEC), SVUH. We extend a big thank you to all the GPs who attended and contributed to making the day a success. Your participation was greatly appreciated.

Full programme for the day: SVUH A5 GP Study Day Programme 2024

GP Referrals

Please note that all GP referrals can now go through Healthlink.

St. Vincent’s University Hospital continues to develop and maintain a strong working relationship with GPs to ensure we can provide all our patients with the most timely, efficient, relevant and best possible care.

SVUH have set up secure email address for GP use via Healthmail in the following areas:

  1. Lab Results
  2. Radiology Results
  3. Emergency Department
  4. Patient Outpatient Letters
  • The Labs and Radiology emails are for requesting non urgent results or copies of patient scans on disc only; not for referrals. The GPs has to be the patients registered GP / working in the same practice to be allowed receive the results.
  • The ED email is for sending additional patient notes for a patient that is already enroute to SVUH ED from the GP practice.
  • The Outpatient Letters email is for requesting correspondence from outpatient clinics only.
  • We will set up additional addresses for wards and departments in time and list them here on the website as they become available for use.

GP Liaison Nurse contact details:

Contact Name: Daphnie Layugan

Contact number: 01 221 4819 | 087 398 0171

Opening Hours:  Mon – Wed 07.30 – 17.30hrs, Thurs 07.30 – 17.00hrs


If you have a query about a discharge summary: please email

Frailty Service/EDITH (ED in the Home)

EDITH serves patients in the hospital’s catchment area, seven days a week (8am – 6pm) who have been referred to the service by GP, Emergency Services or nursing home. The at-home service includes a full medical and targeted functional assessment by a doctor and occupational therapist including mobile ECGs and bloods. Please see GP Referrals – St. Vincent’s University Hospital ( for further details.

Integrated Care Programme for Older Persons (ICPOP)

The HSE’s Integrated Care Programme for Older Persons, commonly referred to as ‘ICPOP,’ is a key initiative led by Sláintecare and falls under the Enhanced Community Care (ECC) Programme. The primary goal of ICPOP is to shift health and social care services for older individuals away from acute hospitals and toward local community settings, aiming to provide care as close to people’s homes as possible. This initiative ensures access to specialised multidisciplinary team support.

ICPOP services play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between acute and community services, serving as a crucial safety net for patients struggling at home or post-hospital discharge. This approach significantly reduces the risk of hospital admission or re-admission.

The ICPOP multidisciplinary team is composed of various specialists, including a Consultant Geriatrician, Senior Physiotherapist, Senior Occupational Therapist, Dietician, Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP), Clinical Nurse Specialists, and Speech and Language Therapist.

Within HSE Community Healthcare East, covering Wicklow, Dublin South, and Dublin South East, there are three ICPOP teams. Patients can be seen either in their homes or at an Integrated Care Hub in Bray, Wicklow town, or Clonskeagh Hospital Campus. Referrals to ICPOP can be made through community healthcare services, including direct referrals from GPs and Public Health Nurses, or via dedicated Hospital Discharge Pathways, such as Frailty Teams attached to Emergency Departments.

The primary emphasis is on individuals coping with falls, frailty, and dementia.

Referral criteria include:

– Referrals are currently accepted through acute hospitals.
– Patients must be aged 65 and above.
– They should necessitate short-term intervention from multiple disciplines within the team.
– Experiencing an acute decline in function.
– Residing in East Wicklow (CHN 7 & CHN 8).

Presently, there are two Integrated Care Hubs located in Bray and Wicklow Town.

To learn more about ICPOP services, watch the CHEast informational video at For detailed information on local ICPOP services, visit