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For GPs

St. Vincent’s University Hospital continues to develop and maintain a strong working relationship with GPs to ensure we can provide all our patients with the most timely, efficient, relevant and best possible care.

We are open for all patients, tests, treatments, procedures,  appointments, referrals.

SVUH have set up secure email address for GP use via Healthmail in the following areas;

  1. Lab Results
  2. Radiology Results
  3. Emergency Department
  4. Patient Outpatient Letters
  • The Labs and Radiology emails are for requesting non urgent results or copies of patient scans on disc only; not for referrals. The GPs has to be the patients registered GP / working in the same practice to be allowed receive the results
  • The ED email is for sending additional patient notes for a patient that is already en-route to SVUH ED from the GP practice
  • The Outpatient Letters email is for requesting correspondence from outpatient clinics only
  • We will set up additional addresses for wards and departments in time and list them here on the website as they become available for use