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Medical Records

How can I access my medical records?

You can access your own medical records by email or on written application to;


Release of Information
Medical Records
St. Vincent’s University Hospital
Elm Park
Dublin 4

tel:  (01) 221 4461

The following information should be included in the request letter:

  • Full name (including previous names if applicable)
  • Date of birth
  • Address (including previous addresses if applicable)
  • Contact phone number
  • Details of the medical records you are requesting

A copy of photo ID e.g. passport, driving license must accompany the request letter.

How long will the request take?

This will depend on the number of records you are requesting and how old the records are, however the more specific you are about dates and type of records requested, the quicker we will able to process your request.

Generally, patient requests are processed within 20 working days.

What format will the released records be in?

You will be provided with a hard copy of the requested records which can be collected from St. Vincent’s University Hospital by arrangement with the Release of Information Officer.