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Joint Commission International

What is JCI?

St. Vincent’s University Hospital was first awarded accreditation by Joint Commission International (JCI) in 2010- and we have been accredited twice since then. We are one of the only acute public hospitals in Ireland with international accreditation.

JCI is a well recognised international accreditation body, that has developed a set of international standards and an accreditation programme for hospitals and other healthcare organisations.

The JCI evaluation of a hospital is designed to be valid, reliable and objective, and the accreditation decision is made by an international accreditation committee.

As part of the JCI accreditation programme, every three years JCI re-evaluates the hospital against the JCI standards. This evaluation involves a comprehensive inspection of the facility, review of practices and procedures, and will look for evidence of sustained compliance and improvement.

The benefits of JCI accreditation

• Increased focus on patient safety and risk reduction in the delivery of clinical care
• A focus on ensuring the best patient experience and outcomes and involving the patient in all their care decisions.
• Maintains patient safety and continuous improvement at the heart of management decisions
• Fosters a culture of safety throughout the hospital
• Provides a safe and efficient work environment
• Compliance with JCI standards will allow the hospital to be ready for any future  HIQA national licensing standards for hospitals in Ireland