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G.M.I. Research Group

The UCD Clinical Research Centre is developing a portfolio of research collaborations in partnership with Genomics Medicine Ireland (GMI). This collaboration agreement is part of a large scale population research programme across many diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and Alzheimer’s disease in Ireland.

Genomics research has the potential to transform healthcare by providing a greater understanding of the role a person’s genes, behaviors and environment plays in their general health. This knowledge is critical for the development of new drugs to combat common complex disease in addition to personalised medical care tailored to the individual.

The research teams in the CRC and GMI will focus on uncovering novel biology that translate in to new precision therapies and treatments to benefit patients.

Study Title

Principal investigator

The Genomic Basis of Asthma in Ireland

Dr Marcus Butler

Consultant Respiratory Physician

Prof Eleanor Dunican

Consultant Respiratory Physician

The Genomic Basis of Alzheimer’s Disease in Ireland

Dr Justin Kinsella

Consultant Neurologist

Dr Orla Collins

Consultant Geriatrician

The Genomic Basis of IBD In Ireland

Dr Glen Doherty 

Consultant Gastroenterologist

The Genomic Basis of Abnormal glucose metabolism in Ireland

Dr Rachel Crowley

Consultant Endocrinologist

The Genomic Basis of Liver Disease in Ireland

Prof Aiden McCormick

Consultant Hepatologist

The Genomic Basis of certain complex diseases in Ireland

Prof Chris Mc Guigan

Consultant Neurologist

The Genomic Basis of Spondyloarthropathies in Ireland

Prof Douglas Veale

Consultant Rheumatologist

The Genomic Basis of Colorectal Cancer in Ireland

Dr Des Winter

Consultant Gastroenterology Surgeon

Dr Ray Mc Dermott

Consultant Oncologist