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Research and Laboratory Facilities

Our research supports

St. Vincent’s University Hospital has developed and implemented comprehensive supports for hospital staff who are undertaking programmes of research which include:

  • Clinical infrastructure
  • Information systems
  • Laboratory facilities

Clinical infrastructure

Core research infrastructure has been created which support clinical investigations at St. Vincent’s University Hospital. The clinical research infrastructure includes:

  • six out-patient interview rooms for patient examination and tissue collection
  • two procedure rooms for more complex patient phenotyping
  • an endoscopy suite with recovery room facilities for patients post-procedure
  • climate-controlled storage facilities for Investigational Medicinal Product materials

Information systems

We have implemented cost-effective IT solutions, which combine to create a sophisticated clinical research information infrastructure that supports all aspects of clinical research. Core informatics systems deployed include:

  • Clinical database management system:
    • collection, management, verification, validation and simple analysis of clinical research study data
  •  Pharmacovigilance Management System:
    • to support assessment, reporting and review of any serious adverse event data relating to clinical trial
  • Clinical trial management system:
    • to manage planning, performing and reporting functions, along with resource management, tracking deadlines and milestones.

Laboratory facilities

The on-site laboratory facilities support the immediate processing of biological samples collected during research studies. The laboratory infrastructure also complements biomedical research facilities on campus and includes:

  • cell and tissue culture suites for primary cultures
  • a molecular biology laboratory with standard equipment and facilities
  • flow cytometry suite: BD FACS Canto II
  • western blotting suite
  • imaging laboratory (with contrast and fluorescence microscopy)
  • UCD-Abbott Core Biomarker Laboratory
    o Architect ci4100
    o Architect i2000SR
    o Roche COBAS
    o ELISA facilities