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Otorhinolaryngology (ORL-HNS)/Head and Neck Surgery

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery assesses pathology relating to diseases of the ears, nose and throat, and head and neck. This includes infective and inflammatory conditions of the upper airways and cancer of the head and neck.


Our specialties include:

  • diseases of the ears, including otitis externa and media, middle ear effusions, cholesteatoma and vertigo
  • diseases of the nose and sinuses, including sinusitis and nasal obstruction
  • diseases of the larynx, including voice disorders and breathing difficulties
  • diseases of the head and neck, including squamous cell cancer and melanoma.


Specialist Staff

  • Anna McDonald (Head and Neck Cancer Nurse CNM2)
  • Aaron Mooney (Head and Neck Cancer Nurse CNM2)


Other useful contact details

  • Secretary to ENT department
    • tel: (01) 221 4668
    • fax: (01) 221 4968
  • Consultant- Mr. Mark Rafferty
  • Consultant- Mr. S.Guan.Koo 
  • Consultant- Prof. Tom Moran
    • tel: (01) 221 4668
    • fax: (01) 221 3474
  • Head and Neck Cancer Nurse CNM2- Anna McDonald       
  • Head and Neck Cancer Nurse CNM2- Aaron Mooney   
    • tel: (01) 221 3468
  • Speech and Language Therapist- Ms. Susan Downes  
  • Speech and Language Therapist- Ms. Caoibhe Mc Guinness 

Referral information

We accept consultant and GP referrals from within the Ireland East Healthcare Group and tertiary referrals for subspecialty expertise from across Ireland.


tel:       (01) 221 4668
fax:      (01) 221 3474


2nd Floor

Main Building

St. Vincent’s University Hospital

Elm Park

Dublin 4

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri:   08.00 – 17.00
Sat and Sun: on-call services