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Phlebotomy Service (Blood Tests)

The Phlebotomy Service provides blood tests for inpatients and outpatients of St. Vincent’s University Hospital referred by GPs, consultants and clinics.

Access to Phlebotomy is by appointment only and bookings can be made in a number of different ways depending on requirements and patient circumstances.

Has your GP referred you for a blood test?

The GP Access service is not available at present due to restrictions associated with the COVID 19 pandemic.

Has one of St Vincent’s University Hospital’s outpatient’s clinics referred you for a blood test?

  • How do I book?      Outpatient Phlebotomy is now by appointment only. Please book using the link on the front page of the website and following the instructions. Alternatively book by phone 01 2916188 (phone lines open between 12-2pm Monday to Friday)
  • When are appointment slots available?     Mon to Thurs 08.00 – 17.00, Fri 08.00 – 16.00
  • Where do I go?        Dermatology Outpatients (The Charles Centre , Department of Dermatology)

Please note:

  • The Phlebotomy Service is restricted to patients who are 14 years of age or older
  • Your GP/clinician will inform you if you are required to fast before your blood test
  • Fasting patients should book their appointments as early as possible in the day

Has your GP recommended you attend the Anticoagulant Monitoring Service?

Please note that we must receive a completed Anticoagulant Monitoring Service Referral Form from a GP before accepting patients to the service.

  • How do I book?
    Details of your blood test appointment will be given to you at your clinic appointment
  • When are appointment slots available?
    Mon -Fri: 08.00 – 11.00
  • Where do I go?  Anticoagulant Monitoring Service Clinic in the Herbert Wing

What does the service provide?

The service monitors patients’ INR blood tests, advises on the dose of Warfarin to take and when to return for the next blood test. A doctor does not see patients at any stage. The patient remains the responsibility of their referring consultant or GP whom the patient is advised to contact if they have any problems.

What should I expect at my appointment?

  • Patients attend the service on their appointed day and have their blood taken. The patients can then go home.
  • The blood is tested and the results printed on a yellow form along with the dose of tablets to take (in mgs) and the date of the next blood test.
  • This form is sent out in the post the same afternoon that the blood is taken. Patients are advised –  if they have not received their blood result within two working days – to contact the service.
  • Patients with significantly abnormal results are contacted by phone.
  • All patients are advised that if they have any bleeding, excessive bruising or are unwell they should see their doctor or attend their local Emergency Department immediately.


Emergency Department:
(01) 221 4358

Anticoagulant Monitoring Service:
(01) 221 4153


Outpatient Blood Tests
The Charles Centre
Department of Dermatology
St Vincent’s University Hospital
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