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Purchasing and Procurement

The Department of Purchasing and Procurement supplies all equipment, goods and services – excluding pharmaceutical products – requested by departments across St. Vincent’s University Hospital. Our department structure is divided across procurement, contract management and stock/warehouse management.

Our services

Our team is responsible for the purchase of all stock and non-stock requirements which includes: medical/surgical, laboratory, radiological, office, provisions, I.T and maintenance. All equipment requested is tendered as local or European depending on value and advertised on the Government Public Procurement Tendering Website.

The contract management team negotiates, implements and monitors the performance of suppliers who provide goods and services to the hospital. The stock/warehouse management team is responsible for the receipt of all goods delivered to the central stores from suppliers, storage and delivery of goods to departments, the operation of a daily top-up system and statistical analysis reporting.

Contact information

  • Purchasing and Procurement Manager
    • tel: (01) 221 4400
  • Purchasing Office Manager
    • tel: (01) 221 4540
  • Contracts Manager
    • tel: (01) 221 5071
  • Stock/Warehouse Manager
    • tel:  (01) 221 4183


tel:  (01) 221 4878

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri: 08.30 – 17.00