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St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group Strategy 2030

8th February 2024

Welcome to St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group Strategy 2030 – Building on Solid Foundations. At St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group, we have a clear vision: to be a leading healthcare provider that achieves the best outcomes for our patients and their families. This vision drives our new Corporate Strategic Plan, which focuses on delivering exceptional patient care grounded in scientific and medical research. As leaders in healthcare, we are committed to providing care in modern facilities while also nurturing the growth of the next generation of healthcare professionals in Ireland. Join us as we embark on this journey toward excellence in patient care and innovation.

St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group Strategy 2030

Patient and Visitor Handbook

Our handbook contains all the important information you need when visiting our hospital whether you are a patient or a visitor.

  • Travelling to and from the hospital
  • Elective admission information
  • Emergency Department attendance
  • Patient safety information
  • Information on what we will do to get you home
  • Data protection
  • Security information
  • Infection control policy
  • No smoking policy
  • Visiting arrangements
  • Daffodil Centre
  • St. Vincent’s Foundation

Download the handbook