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St. Vincent’s University Hospital Achieves Prestigious Accreditation from the European Board of Surgery for Multi-Organ Procurement and Liver Transplantation

14th September 2023

Pictured are Prof Emir Hoti alongside members of the Surgical Fellow Team, who have played a pivotal role in this accomplishment.

Pictured are Prof Emir Hoti alongside members of the Surgical Fellow Team, who have played a pivotal role in this accomplishment.

St. Vincent’s University Hospital’s Hepatobiliary, Transplant, and Liver Services Directorate proudly announce the recent accreditation from the European Board of Surgery (EBS) for Training in Multi-Organ Procurement and Liver Transplantation. This significant achievement highlights the exceptional commitment to excellence in healthcare that our institution upholds.

The European Board of Surgery Accreditation (EBS) is a prestigious recognition bestowed upon our hospital’s Multi-Organ and Liver Transplant Team. It serves as a testament to the high standards of quality and safety that our surgical services and training consistently maintain, as established by the European Board of Surgery.

Prof Emir Hoti, Director of the National Liver Transplant Programme at St. Vincent’s University Hospital expressed his pride, saying, “Achieving this prestigious EBS accreditation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality care to our patients. We are proud of this achievement and the impact it will have on advancing healthcare standards.”

This accreditation represents a milestone in our continuous pursuit of excellence in patient care and surgical expertise. It offers numerous advantages, all of which ultimately benefit our patients, who are at the core of our mission:

  1. International Recognition: The EBS accreditation places St. Vincent’s University Hospital on an international stage, showcasing our dedication to delivering world-class healthcare services.
  2. Quality Assurance: Meeting the rigorous standards set by the European Board of Surgery reaffirms our commitment to delivering safe, high-quality care to our patients.
  3. Improved Patient Outcomes: The accreditation signifies our unwavering dedication to improving patient outcomes, ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care.
  4. Professional Development: The accreditation process has provided our team with significant opportunities for professional growth and development, further enhancing our ability to serve our patients effectively.

We are honoured to have achieved this esteemed accreditation and are grateful for the dedication and hard work of our Multi-Organ and Liver Transplant Team, as well as the support of our entire hospital staff.

St. Vincent’s University Hospital remains committed to advancing healthcare, and this recognition from the European Board of Surgery is a testament to our ongoing dedication to providing exceptional care to our patients.


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