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St. Vincent’s University Hospital Commemorates 30 Years of Transformative Liver Transplants with a Patient Informational Day as part of its celebrations

14th October 2023

St. Vincent’s University Hospital (SVUH) proudly marks the commemoration of 30 years of ground-breaking liver transplants with a special Patient Liver Transplant Informational Day today, Saturday October 14th at O’Reilly Hall, UCD. This event not only celebrates SVUH’s remarkable journey in liver transplantation but also emphasises the hospital’s commitment to excellent patient outcomes, the profound impact of organ donation, and the significance of leading healthy lives post-transplantation.

“We are truly delighted to host the Liver Transplant Patient Information Day, especially during this significant milestone of our 30th-year anniversary in the SVUH Liver Transplant Programme. This event not only marks a celebratory occasion but also underscores our ongoing commitment to patient education, support, and the remarkable progress we’ve made in liver transplantation over the years. It’s a testament to the dedication of our team and the resilience of our patients”, said Dr Audrey Dillon, Consultant Hepatologist SVUH.

SVUH’s Patient Liver Transplant Informational Day serves as a testament to the transformative power of organ donation, enabling 690 patients not just to survive but to thrive, thanks to the generosity of donors and their families. Dr Zita Galvin, Consultant Hepatologist, SVUH expressed her gratitude, saying, “The gift of life doesn’t just save individuals; it transforms entire families, communities, and futures. We owe a debt of gratitude to our donors and their families for giving our patients a chance to live healthy, full lives.”

The event’s agenda includes insightful sessions featuring experts from SVUH and beyond:

History of the Liver Transplant Unit: Prof Oscar Traynor, Professor of Postgrad Surgical Training, RCSI, and Prof Aiden McCormick, St. Vincent’s University Hospital and UCD, will illuminate the unit’s rich history and pioneering work.

– Post-Transplant Tips and Advice: Experts including Ms. Niamh O’Sullivan, Clinical Specialist Dietician in Liver Transplant, Ms. Laura Talty, Senior Physiotherapist, Liver Transplant Unit, and Ms. Louise Fleming, Skin Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist, will cover various aspects of post-transplant life, including nutrition, exercise, and skin protection.

– The Patient Perspective: Liver transplant recipients will share their personal experiences, providing valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of life after transplantation. Ms. Kaye Duffy OBE, Founder of the Royal Victoria Hospital Liver Support Group, will discuss the essential role of patient support groups.

– The Future of Liver Transplantation: Dr Audrey Dillon and Prof Emir Hoti from St. Vincent’s University Hospital will offer a glimpse into the future of liver transplantation, highlighting exciting technologies like machine perfusion, expanding the donor pool, and saving more lives.

The day will culminate in a hot lunch, fostering camaraderie and support among transplant recipients, their families, and healthcare professionals.

Transplant patients of SVUH and SVUH staff associated with the Liver Transplant Programme were invited to join this event, underscoring the importance of organ donation and the potential for fulfilling lives after transplantation.

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