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St. Vincent’s University Hospital Interventional Radiology, Hepatobiliary and Gastroenterology Surgery Departments conducts first procedure using cutting-edge equipment for bile duct procedures

24th February 2024

St. Vincent’s University Hospital’s Interventional Radiology, Hepatobiliary and Gastroenterology Surgery Departments are proud to announce the inaugural use of cutting-edge equipment for bile duct procedures. This week, marks the first procedure utilising the ground-breaking SpyGlass Discover Systems by Boston Scientific. These state-of-the-art devices, a first of their kind for the hospital, promise to revolutionise diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the liver, gastroenterology and pancreas by offering direct visualisation of bile duct diseases. This milestone underscores SVUH’s dedication to advanced patient care and innovation in medical practice.

The SpyGlass Discover Systems enables our Gastroenterology, Interventional Radiology, and HPB Surgery consultants, including Dr. Fergal Donnellan, Dr. Gerard Healy and Mr Tom Gallagher, to perform procedures in both endoscopy and the biliary tree such as stone removal, lithotripsy, biopsy and stent retrieval procedures under direct visualisation, providing unparalleled precision.

Dr. Fergal Donnellan said, “As the national centre for pancreatic biliary disease, this equipment will enable endoscopic management of complex biliary disorders that previously necessitated surgery.”

“This represents a significant advance in our ability to provide minimally invasive Interventional Radiology treatments for patients with hepatobiliary diseases”, added Dr. Gerard Healy. “It will also be used by our surgical colleagues to perform intra-operative minimally invasive exploration of the biliary tree, using both robotic and laparoscopic platforms.  We would like to thank St. Vincent’s University Hospital for supporting the introduction of these devices for our patients.”

As the national centre for pancreatic biliary disease and the major tertiary referral centre for hepatobiliary disease in Ireland, SVUH is dedicated to offering the most advanced treatment options available. This new equipment will enhance the hospital’s capabilities in treating patients with complex biliary disorders, stones or other diseases in the bile ducts, complementing existing treatments with surgery, endoscopy and interventional radiology.

The tender process was a joint effort between multiple departments, highlighting SVUH’s commitment to cooperation and the shared use of equipment across different departments. The acquisition of the SpyGlass Discover Systems underscores SVUH’s commitment to innovation and excellence in patient care. The hospital looks forward to the positive impact this new equipment will have on patient outcomes and the overall advancement of interventional radiology and surgical practices.

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