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St. Vincent’s University Hospital Transforms Cancer Care with National Cancer Information System (NCIS) Implementation

10th November 2023

St. Vincent’s University Hospital (SVUH) is excited to announce the launch of the National Cancer Information System (NCIS) in SVUH, a ground-breaking initiative set to revolutionise the administration of anticancer medicines within our hospital. Spearheaded by our dedicated team of multidisciplinary professionals and led by Dr Mark Doherty, Consultant Medical Oncologist at SVUH, the implementation of NCIS marks a significant milestone in cancer treatment.

The goal of NCIS is to deliver a clinical information system to support the care of cancer patients in all 26 hospitals providing systemic anti-cancer treatment across Ireland.
NCIS enables a patient-centred, longitudinal, and accessible care record and ensures that the right information is available at the right time and in the right place to support safe and effective SACT prescribing, administration and documentation.

David Fennelly, Clinical Director for Cancer Care at SVUH, said, “The implementation of NCIS at St. Vincent’s University Hospital signifies a major step forward in cancer care. This system will empower our healthcare professionals, streamline processes, and enhance the overall patient experience. We are grateful for the collaborative efforts that have made this achievement possible.”

“I am thrilled to announce that St. Vincent’s University Hospital is embarking on a significant advancement in the safety and efficiency of systemic cancer treatment with the introduction of the National Cancer Information System (NCIS),” added Mark Doherty, Consultant Oncologist. “This transformative system will revolutionise our approach to cancer treatment, allowing us to provide more efficient, personalised, and comprehensive care to our patients. The entire team at SVUH is excited about this innovative leap forward, as it reinforces our commitment to delivering the highest standards of healthcare and improving the lives of those affected by cancer.”

“I am delighted to support St. Vincent’s University Hospital with the development and implementation of NCIS,” said Meadhbh Lysaght, Implementation lead for NCIS, National Cancer Control Programme. “We are grateful for the collaboration and hard work of all the team members involved from SVUH, NCCP and Ehealth. This transformative system will undoubtedly enhance the delivery of cancer care and improve the lives of patients.”

Who it Impacts:
NCIS will streamline chemotherapy prescribing processes for cancer services, impacting the aseptic compounding unit pharmacy team and the chemotherapy nurses at Anne’s Day Centre and Anne’s Ward. This technological advancement will enhance the overall patient experience and ensure efficient delivery of cancer treatments.

Why it Matters:
SVUH will join multiple other cancer centres nationally in implementing this system. NCIS implementation will provide clinicians with easy visibility into the treatment journey of cancer patients at SVUH. Additionally, it will offer valuable insights into the diagnosis and treatment histories of patients referred to us from other hospitals already utilising the system. This heightened visibility will significantly enhance our ability to provide comprehensive and tailored care to our patients. In addition, its role is expected to expand over time to include rapid communication of national MDM outcomes and other clinical data.

When and Where:
The rollout commenced yesterday, 9th November 2023, with patients on Anne’s Day Centre. The implementation will then progress to patients on Anne’s Ward in the subsequent weeks. Existing patients in both areas will transition to the new system, with the ultimate goal of all anticancer therapy being prescribed using the NCIS.

This transformative step underscores our commitment to advancing cancer care in Ireland and highlights our dedication to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. With NCIS, St. Vincent’s University Hospital aims to create a seamless and integrated system that empowers our healthcare professionals and ultimately benefits the individuals and families we care for.

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