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 Laboratory Information

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine User Reference Manual

Transport of Specimens to Pathology

Test Manual

General Information

Phlebotomy Guidelines

How to make an appointment with Haematology Department

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine User Reference Manual

Please click here to view the 'Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine User Reference Manual'

Transport of Specimens to Pathology

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Test Manual

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Specimen Collection Procedure

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Model Rules for Visitors to the Laboratory

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General Information

Quality Policy

The aim of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is to be a centre of excellence in the provision of Pathology services that meets the needs and requirements of users. The Department is committed to the implementation of St Vincent’s Healthcare Group mission statement, the essence of which is encapsulated in:

"We strive to maintain excellence in clinical care, education and research".

The requirements of a major academic hospital are reflected in the scope of the laboratory services with Blood Transfusion, Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, Histopathology, Immunology and Microbiology services available on site.

The Department will comply with INAB regulations and International Standard 1SO 15189 for all laboratories. In addition, the hospital blood bank will comply with EU Directive 2002/98/EC and AML-BB titled “Minimum Requirements for Blood Transfusion Compliance with Article 14 (Traceability) and Article 15 (Notification of Serious Adverse Reactions and Events)”. The Tissue Establishment will comply with EU Directive 2004/23/EC, 2006/27/EC, 2006/86/EC, S.I. 158 of 2006 and S.I. 598 of 2007. Microbiology will comply with S.I. No. 452/2011 Infectious Diseases (Amendment) regulations based on the principle Regulations S.I. No. 390/1981 Infectious Diseases Regulations 1981.


The department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is located on the third floor of the Clinical Service Building. Access to the laboratory is restricted to authorised personnel and is controlled by swipe card. Access to laboratory can be arranged by contacting Pathology Reception.

Pathology Reception and Phlebotomy

The Phlebotomy Department and Pathology Reception are located in the Ambulatory Day Care Centre on the ground floor and can be located by following the signposts from the main entrance of the hospital. An additional phlebotomy service for patients undergoing Anticoagulant Monitoring is located in the 'old outpatients' area of the main hospital.

Phlebotomy for Patient's referred by General Practitioners and External Clinics

For patients referred by GP's and External Clinics access to phlebotomy is by appointment only. Patients can make an appointment by phoning 01-2003928 or 1890 253184 between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm Monday to Friday (including bank holidays)

A limited number of emergency appointments are available and can be made by the General Practitioners phoning 01-2214015.

 Outpatient Phlebotomy

Outpatient phlebotomy is located in the Ambulatory Day Care Centre on the ground floor of the Clinical Services Building. The phlebotomy service for Anticoagulant Monitoring is located in the Herbert Wing (Old Private Hospital).

Patients referred from the OPD department can access phlebotomy from 8am - 6pm Monday to Wednesday and 8am - 5pmThursday – Friday. A phlebotomy service for private referrals is available in the Consultants Private Clinic at St Vincent’s Private Hospital.

Access to the phlebotomy service is restricted to patients who are 14 years of age or older.

Pathology Reception

Opening Hours 8:30am -5pm Monday – Friday.

Patients, general practitioners and couriers should deliver all specimens to pathology reception. Request forms and specimen containers are supplied to GP’s through pathology reception.


 Pathology Departments Opening Hours


Opening Hours

Specimen Reception

Monday – Friday 8am- 6pm


Blood Transfusion



Monday – Friday 8am - 8pm.

Saturday       9:30am – 12:45pm

Outside Normal Working Hours Emergency Out of Hours Service is available.


 Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

Saturday 9:30am - 12:45pm


 Nuclear Medicine Laboratory

 Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm


Monday – Friday 9am - 5pm


Monday  – Friday 9:30am - 5pm

 Phlebotomy Guidelines

  If several different samples are required fill the tubes in the following order:

·     Blood culture bottles (fill anaerobic, purple-topped, bottle first)

·     Citrate tubes (light-blue topped, for coagulation studies)

·     Dry tubes (red topped) for tests on serum.

·     Heparin tubes (green-topped, for plasma chemistries etc.)

·     EDTA tubes (lavender-topped, for full blood counts and blood bank tubes etc.)

·     Fluoride/oxalate tubes (Grey-topped, for glucose)

·     Sodium Heparin (Navy topped, for Zinc and Lead)

 Gently mix specimen containers immediately following collection by inversion five times (very gently)

Haemolysed Specimens

Factors in performing venipuncture, which may account for haemolysis include:

·     Using a needle with a small diameter (eg. 23 gauge or more)

·     Using a small needle with a large vacutainer tube.

·     Using an improperly attached needle and syringe so that frothing occurs as the blood enters the syringe.

·     Pulling the plunger of a syringe back too quickly.

·     Shaking or vigorous mixing of blood collection tubes.

·     Forcing blood from a syringe into a blood collection tube, especially through a needle.

·     Failure to allow the blood to run down the side of the tube when using a syringe to fill the tube.

·     Failure to allow alcohol swab to dry

·     Drawing from site of haematoma

·     Very slow flow into tube

·     Drawing blood from indwelling line

 How to make an appointment with the Haematology Department

All new GP referrals must be submitted on a GP haematology pro forma letter, available on request from the Department (01 - 2213125) or for download by clicking here.

Submit Referrals:

Fax:    01-2213082

Email: suite4@vincents.ie

Post:   Suite 4, Haematology OPD, St. Vincent's University Hospital, Elm Park, Dublin 4. 

Submitted letters are assessed by the Haematologists and an appropriate appointment is forwarded directly to the patient.