Car Park

24 hour public parking is available in the multi-storey car park.

  • Parking on hospital roads or in set down areas is strictly prohibited
  • A number of reserved spaces are available for drivers with a valid Disabled Driver's permit

Visitors and long-term patients may be facilitated for discount parking in special circumstances. For further details, please speak with the Clinical Nurse Manager on your ward.

Parking space is limited on the hospital campus. All public car parking on site is provided for in the new multi-storey car park and in the basement of the new building. The tariff is as follows:

Duration of Stay: Fee
0-20 minutes €0.00
20-60 minutes €2.50
1-2 hours €4.80
2-3 hours €7.20
3-4 hours €9.20
4-5 hours €11.00
5-6 hours €11.90
6-7 hours €12.90
7-24 hours €14.00