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Clinical Audit Department


Clinical Audit is the systematic review and evaluation of current practice against research based standards with a view to improving clinical care for patients.

The Clinical audit function provides support for clinical audit across the three hospitals of the group. Our aim is to stimulate and facilitate clinical staff in conducting audits of their practice. We carry out this function by

  • Educating staff
  • Advising on audit design and process
  • Identifying existing sources of information, literature and electronic information systems on individual projects and on audit in general (there is a growing literature resource posted on our intranet site)
  • Facilitating the reporting of clinical audits to the clinical audit committee for the Group
  • Reporting to the Group governance committee

St. Vincent’s hospitals have a significant number of audit projects being carried out at any one time. Some of these are part of national projects, others range across the hospitals and many are within departments and specialities. In addition, clinical audit supports and directs continuous quality improvement and the clinical audit function has a role in advancing patient care standards. It also allows us the opportunity to demonstrate (internally and externally) the high standard of care already being delivered.

We are located in St Vincents University Hospital, close to the Nutley Rd. entrance. We can be contacted at extension 3329(mornings) or 3426 or at clinicalaudit@st-vincents.ie

As the first DATHs hospital to have a clinical audit function covering the organisation, clinical audit has supported many projects in its first year. We have hosted a clinical audit study day with an international faculty and where examples of audit have been presented and we hope that some of our projects will be accepted for publication and presentation at international meetings in the coming months.

Dr Ian Callanan

Clinical Audit Co-Ordinator, St. Vincent's Healthcare Group.