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Welcome to SVUH Department of Neurology

The Department of Neurology in St Vincent's University Hospital has undergone substantial change in the last few years. In a bid to reduce waiting times, the Department has substantially reconfigured the way it functions at many levels.

The Department of Neurology currently has four consultant neurologists; Professor Niall Tubridy, Dr Christopher Mc Guigan, Dr Sean O'Riordan and Dr. Justin Kinsella. Professor Michael Hutchinson continues to work both clinically and in research.

The Department functions as the first group practice in neurology in Ireland. We are running 3-4 public clinics daily from September 2010. Thus, we have now expanded the neurology outpatient service to 16 outpatient clinics a week which include general neurology clinics and specialist clinics in MS, Parkinson's, Migraine and Dystonia. People referred to the service will be reviewed by one of the consultants/team in order to facilitate shorter waiting times, improve access and to speed up the referral process.

We also welcome Dr. Sinead Beirne who is going to take over the running of the GP lead migraine clinic from Dr Paddy Daly with the support of the Hospital and Migraine Association of Ireland. It is going really well and feedback from our patients has been extremely positive.

We are involved in a number of clinical research initiatives including the development of a web-based electronic referral system termed 'Neurolink'. The latter won an Irish Times Innovation in Business award in 2010 and was commended by the Neurological Alliance of Ireland at its National Conference. It has now been adapted by other services including the National Cancer Strategy. Click here to learn more.

The Department of Neurology has won HSE innovation awards in 2006, 2007 and 2008 (click on the year to learn more).

The Consultant Neurologists rotate every two months between the in-patient work and the out-patient work. The in-patient service has expanded to allow for designated beds on St. Vincent's ward and we have also introduced a web based, internal referral service to expedite neurology service delivery to other teams in the hospital, particularly the Emergency Department (ED) and the Acute Medical Unit (AMU).

It is well-recognized that between 15 and 20% of all admissions through the ED have a neurological problem and, by seeing patients early, specialist neurological care can help minimise the time a person has to spend in hospital if they cannot be discharged directly from the ED to the OPD.

The Department has developed the only intranet referral system (to speed up our in-patient consultation service especially for the ED/AMU where we see over 60% of our 'in-house' referrals) at St. Vincent's University Hospital and published our findings in the European Journal of Neurology and the Irish Journal of Medical Science. The Department has also looked at a number of other clinical issues pertinent to out-patient service delivery particularly the area of non-attendance rates (so-called DNA rates). A text message reminder system for patients was introduced and some of our findings are published in the International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance.

We have worked in close collaboration with Catherine Slattery and her team in the IV Therapy Suite and have considerably improved access for people with MS for therapies such as Tysabri. We currently manage approximately 90 people on Tysabri. There were up to 130 on the drug at SVUH at one point.

Title Name
Consultant Neurologists Professor Niall Tubridy, Professor Michael Hutchinson, Dr Justin Kinsella, Dr. Christopher McGuigan & Dr. Sean O'Riordan
Newman Fellows Drs. Nonnie McNicholas (MS) ,Eavan McGovern (Dystonia) & Ines Beiser (Dystonia)
Post Doc MS Research Lead Jean Fletcher (based at UCD and TCD)
MS Specialist Nurses Marguerite Duggan & Lisa Buckley
Clinical Neurology Nurse Manager Sinead Jordan
Parkinson's Disease Specialist Nurse Heather Kevelighan
Neurology Research Team Deepti Sharma, Stephen Cox, Gillian O'Boyle
Clinical Staff 2x Specialist Registrars (SpR), 1x Non SpR Registrar, 1x SHO and 1x Intern
Departmental Secretaries Louise McCague
Out-patient Secretary Jackie Sheridan
In-patient Ward Sister Ashling Madden

Main Contact Details

Departmental Enquiries

Louise McCague
Tel: (01) 221 4179
Fax: (01) 221 - 3516.


Main corridor, St Vincent's University Hospital

Out-patient Enquiries

Jackie Sheridan
Tel: (01) 221 3830
Fax: (01) 221 3842


Main (new) building, ground floor, left hand corner (en route to main canteen) after coming through main entrance.

In-patient Enquiries

St Vincent's Ward
Tel: (01) 221 4569
Fax: (01) 221 4755

MS Research Enquiries

Dr. Nonnie McNicholas
Tel: (01) 221 4030
Fax: (01) 221 3506

MS Clinical Enquiries

Marguerite Duggan & Lisa Buckley (MS Nurse Specialists)
Tel: (01) 221 4850
Fax: (01) 211 3506

Dystonia Research Enquires

Dr Eavan McGovern
Tel: (01) 221 4033
Fax: (01) 221 3506

Parkinson's Clinical Enquiries

Heather Kevelighan (Parkinson's Nurse Specialist)
Tel: (01) 221 4146 - Please leave a message.
Fax: (01) 221 3842