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Looking after your mental health

Here you will find more detailed information (written and audio) on specific areas of mental health. While there are countless resources of this type online we have limited the links here to reduce overwhelm and draw only from evidence-based guides.

Or, if you’re interested in more general information why not have a look at a selection of some of our video resources

Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI)

Watch a range of videos by PSI on supporting mental health and well-being during COVID-19

Dr. Eva Adriana Wilson, psychiatrist

7 things you can do to help yourself and your loved ones remain mentally well through the pandemic (3 min video)

NHS – Mental well-being audio guides

Listen to these NHS audios guides covering a selection of subjects of low mood, anxiety, sleep, confidence and unhelpful thinking

NHS – Self-help booklets

Choose one of these self-help booklets on a range of different psychological difficulties like health anxiety, low mood and depression, controlling anger and abuse

Life and love in a time of coronavirus

Tune into eight ten minute podcasts on the strain of living and loving in a time of coronavirus from Dr. Paul D’Alton, Principal Clinical Psychologist at St. Vincent’s University Hospital.

Do you want to find out more detailed information tailored specifically to your needs or circumstances?

  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Low mood
  • Anxiety
  • Building resilience
  • Coping with isolation
  • Support for inpatients

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Access information here exclusively for hospital inpatients.