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Strategic Objectives

The Board of Directors at St. Vincent's University Hospital identifies the following as the main strategic issues:

St. Vincent's arrangements for healthcare delivery

St. Vincent's University Hospital wishes to play a full and constructive role in such public arrangements as exist for healthcare planning and delivery. Hospital Management, both executive and medical, therefore continue to pursue and develop links and co-operative agreements with many other hospitals in the Southeast Region of Dublin. The Chief Executive Officer of the hospital is effectively involved in the overall management of St. Luke's/St. Anne's hospital and in the pursuit of synergy of St. Luke's/St. Anne's and St. Vincent's University Hospital.

Public Investment Plan for the future development for St. Vincent's University Hospital

This plan will ensure that St. Vincent's University Hospital is structured and equipped to provide excellent health care services to the people who are the hospital's clients well into the new millennium. This plan is based on the health care needs of the people, on the ethos of St. Vincent's University Hospital and its mission and on the need for the hospital to continue to achieve excellence and relevance in healthcare delivery, teaching and research activities.


The funding for the hospital is provided in the ultimate by the country's taxpayers. The Board of Directors is deeply conscious of the responsibility which this imposes on it and on the hospital. The financial policy of the Board is that every effort should be made to operate within this funding budget, to maximise productivity and to deliver optimum health care services.

Mutually supportive interaction between St. Vincent's University Hospital and University College Dublin

The Board of Directors continues to explore with University College Dublin what further interaction should take place between both organisations so that the aims and aspirations of both organisations might be fostered and realised more effectively.

Fundraising for the hospital

The essential funding which the hospital receives from the Exchequer is insufficient to realise the many wishes, goals and objectives which the Board itself, hospital management and the staff of the hospital wish to see achieved. The Board has therefore decided to launch a major fundraising campaign for the development of post-graduate and under-graduate teaching facilities on the campus of St. Vincent's University Hospital.