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Department of Medicine For The Elderly

Our aging population and exciting developments in health care and health promotion has put health care for the older person centre stage in Ireland.  In Ireland the over 65’s currently make up 11% of our population and will increase to 24% of the population by 2025.

The area of Dublin covered by St Vincent’s University Hospital, St Michael’s Hospital and St Colmchille’s Hospital has the largest proportion of people over 65 living in the country. 

Changing demographics – growing importance and need for better care for our catchment area’s older population demands and deserves a proactive and progressive approach from our healthcare professionals.

Our department aims to promote and provide continuing improvements in the care of older people. 

In partnership with community care services and the HSE we are changing and implementing models of care to effectively and compassionately treat and care for these increasing numbers of people.

Direct access via your GP to our Out Patients may prevent you from having to be admitted to hospital.  By integrating in a more effective way with the Primary Community Care Teams, we will help facilitate appropriate discharge from the acute hospital setting and allow more older people be cared for at home.  An “Out Reach Programme” to the extended nursing care facilities could have significant benefits in enhancing patient care.

Developing and promoting the plan outlined in our area will allow us

  • Provide a comprehensive onsite geriatric medical service
  • Forge better links with the community services
  • Through thorough multidisciplinary team assessment enable a person to remain at home as independently as possible
  • If a person decides they can no longer remain at home we will discuss the options with them and facilitate their plans 
  • Target specific areas that affect the health and quality of life of the Older Person

At present the only way to access our service is through a direct referral from your General Practitioner.  You may do this by getting your GP to write into us at St. Vincent%27s University Hospital, 4 Elm Park, Dublin 4 or fax it into us at 01 221 4609 or 221 4026.

In time, referrals will come from your PHN and other Allied Health Care Professionals.  The service will soon be accepting email referrals and online referrals on set templates completed by your GP, PHN, you and your family as appropriate.

Please bear with us while we sort out any gremlins in our service!!!!!



Dr. Morgan Crowe Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine 
Dr. Diarmuid O%27 Shea Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine 
Dr. JJ Barry Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine 
Dr. Rachel Doyle Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine 
Dr. Graham Hughes Locum Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine 
Dr. David Robinson Locum Consultant
Ms. Hilda Markey Clinical Nurse Manager II
Ms. Imelda Noone Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Stroke
Ms. Serena Hatton Clinical Nurse Specialist in Stroke
Ms. Therese Carey Clinical Nurse Manager II
Ms. Doreen Messett Ward Secretary
Ms. Alina Popescu Medical Social Worker
Ms. Margaret Cagney Medical Social Worker
Ms. Lorraine Murray Administrative Assisstant/ PA
Ms. Joan Magera Administration/Reception