Contact Us

The Technical Services Department Office is located in the Basement of the Ward Block Building. (Block H on Site Map) Workshops for the various trades are located throughout the grounds.

Requests for service are made by logging a Work Request on the Web Helpdesk System (Pemac). This is accessible through the Hospital Intranet by following links to the Technical Services Helpdesk. Requests can also be made by contacting the office directly from any internal phone at Extension 4586. (01 2214586 from any external phone)

Emergency requests for Electrical or Plumbing Services are made by contacting the Shift Electrician or Shift Fitter directly.

Shift Electrician: Pager # 210 Available on site during the following hours:

Mon 08:00—22:00
Tue—Thurs 08:00—23:00
Fri 08:00—22:00
Sat Sun 07:00—15:00

Shift Fitter: Pager # 139 available on site 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Callout Facility: Pager # 216 Available for Emergency Callouts for Carpenters, Electricians and Painters. This service is accessed via the Night Nursing Superintendent located on the Ground Floor of the Ward Block.