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SVUH Cystic Fibrosis Service During COVID19 Pandemic

Contact Details      

email:                                 Tel:  01 2214684 or 01 2214000

Catherine Carroll: Bleep 564 Suzanne Kearns: Bleep 514
Josephine Doyle:  Bleep 565 Paula Farrell: Bleep 105

Sat/Sun & Out of hours

St Christpher’s Ward   (01) 2216282 and (01) 2213274

Further information can be found at

This week, we will be starting virtual CF outpatient clinics. If you are due a clinic appointment, we will contact you to schedule a telephone clinic visit and to offer you support and advice.

For patients that need to be reviewed in person, appointments will be arranged through the CF nurses for you to be seen in the CF day-ward.

If you are unwell and need to be reviewed please contact the CF nurses in advance of attending the hospital.

In addition, our CF Physiotherapist team have drafted a letter with some exercise recommendations for CF patients at home.  Link to the letter

The most important thing that you can do is to prevent the spread of infection to yourself and others by following the advice on the HSE website.

Other Information

Take care of yourself.

It is essential to keep taking your medications and other treatments regularly as prescribed. Stopping or reducing your treatments may increase your risk if you get coronavirus or other infection.

Keep you prescriptions up to date.

Please contact the CF nurse in advance of any appointment to discuss your ETA if you are attending an appointment in SVUH

Wash your hands regularly and use hand gel.

Please continue with physical distancing.

Avoid close contact with people who are unwell.

SVUH CF Team  20.03.20